Two Knee Replacements at Once

It is called bilateral knee replacement. Two knees. At the same time. Usually it is performed by one surgeon; at times it is done simultaneously by two surgeons. And it is a massive trend in knee replacement nowadays. We discuss the merits of doing two knee replacements at once below. And we have included the stories of a few recent bilateral knee patients to help you decide if you want one lump… or two.


X10 Wins Automation Alley Award

Although X10 was created in 2005, we were primarily an R&D Company until 2010 when we treated our first knee patients. Ironic, but delightful, that in 2015 we were awarded “Startup of the Year” by Automation Alley. Below is a short interview about the creation of the X10, the unique access to the technology behind the X10 in the state of Michigan, and winning the award.

X10 Start up of the Year… yeah – we’ll take it!!!