Paul Ewing, Co-Founder and Inventor

Paul Ewing is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Halley Orthopedics. Mr. Ewing is an industrial engineer who sold in 2000 the specialty cold-forming business he built from the ground up: NSS Technologies Inc, based in Plymouth, Michigan.

Recognizing that eighty percent of health care money for knee replacements is spent after the patient leaves the hospital, Mr. Ewing set out to create an efficient and superior means of recovery. He created the first working model in 2009. With the third generation of X10™ now in patient homes this “smart rehab solution” has changed the recovery opportunity for knee patients.

Mr. Ewing earned a bachelors degree (engineering), and then masters in business degree from the University of Michigan.

Dr. David Halley Co-Founder

Dr. David Halley worked with the founder of modern hip replacement, Sir John Charnley, early in his career. He witnessed the revolutionary nature of Dr. Charnley’s work first hand in an extended residency in London. Essentially this was the birth of modern joint replacement. Many would follow, applying the genius of Dr. Charnley to hips, shoulders, ankles and, of course knees. Working directly with Dr. Charnley created the foundation on which a young David Halley based his long and highly successful orthopedic surgery career in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Halley returned to Ohio to begin his own private practice after his time in England. He replaced more than 16,000 hips and knees over the next 35 years before retiring from surgery in 2010. At that time he was
already well on his way to creating his own orthopedic legacy, the X10 Knee Recovery System™.

Dr. Halley is a graduate of The Ohio State University Medical School.