Pre-hab (Pre-habilitation)

Reba – The surgery was going to go well… of that Reba knew for a fact. Dr. James Verner is as good as they get. He is one of the most well-known surgeons in Michigan and has a growing national reputation. Dr. Verner suggested that Reba do some work on the X10 prior to her surgery to shorten her recovery time. It worked. – Read More

Building Strength on The X10™

If you can get the X10 prior to your surgery for a week, or two, or even three, go for it. The benefits of our well orchestrated two or three week Pre-hab strength program are substantial. Patients go into surgery stronger, with more confidence and a better equipped body. After all this is a major surgery that take a toll on the patient. Going in stronger gives you a huge advantage when it comes to battling muscle atrophy, and then gaining strength after surgery. Pre-hab patients are the stars in outpatient clinics… the people who make it look easy. And they get back to their lives the fastest.

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