Insurance Coverage for X10™

The X10 Knee Recovery System™

  • The X10 is covered by certain BCBS plans in the state of Michigan for pre-surgery and post-surgery care
  • The X10 is available in 20+ states as a private rental (we also accept Care Credit for interest-free payments)

Through Home Health Care

  • The X10 is covered for use immediately after total knee arthroplasty or revision surgery by Medicare, Medicare Plus Blue (BCBS MI Medicare Advantage) in SE Michigan through X10 Home Health™.
  • Beginning April 15, 2022, Priority Health PPO, HMO, and Medicare Advantage plans cover X10 after surgery
  • More coverage in the state of Michigan is coming soon
  • Home Care coverage in Sarasota, Florida coming by the end of 2022
  • You can visit X10 Home Health here to learn more.

Schedule a call or ask for the X10 to discuss this with one of our representatives about X10 and X10 Home Health.


What the X10 Can Do For You

Pre-hab prepares your knees for surgery. You build strength to get ready for the relative inactivity you will experience after surgery. You get the best range of motion possible to get your muscles ready for the new free-moving prosthesis. Pre-surgery range of motion is predictive of your knee’s performance after surgery.

Getting great extension and flexion after surgery will allow you to shorten your overall recovery time. You can accomplish more in three weeks on the X10 than many will see in three months without it.

Regaining Your Strength will put your recovery on a path to complete success. Most TKA patients lose 50% of their strength after surgery. With the X10 you will likely be just as strong (or even stronger) than you were before surgery.


I am told recovery can take 4-6 months to return to a quality of life.

Not if you utilize the X10™.  Our patient’s average recovery is 3-4 weeks and this is all accomplished in the comfort and safety of their own home!


I have been told by many that post-op recovery is very painful. Will the X10 reduce that pain?

Under manual therapy it can be painful but not if you use the X10’s™ computerized patented machine which has been proven on over 10,000 patients to reduce swelling quickly thereby reducing pain and the need for extensive use of pain medication.


I hear I will be immobile for the first several weeks and will need assistance to get to therapy session. How can the X10™ help with this?

The X10™ is utilized in the comfort of your home and through its telehealth capabilities, you are remotely monitored by a healthcare professional.  There is no need to go anywhere for therapy nor worry about how you are going to get there!  ABOUT X10 TELEHEALTH.

If my first follow up visit is in 2-3 weeks, how do I know if I am progressing properly?

The X10™ telehealth communicates remotely daily with your assigned X10™ therapist. This allows your healthcare professional to react immediately should the X10™ detect a problem. ABOUT DETECTING A PROBLEM

I have friends who have never fully recovered from surgery and are very disappointed. Will the X10™ help me recover so I can get back to the quality of life I want and is it user friendly?

ABSOLUTELY! The X10™ has been successfully used by over 10,000 patients with a satisfaction rate of 92%!  It is also the most sought-after post-surgery therapy machine for those who are experiencing terrible results including additional medical procedures such as a Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). If you are not satisfied with your results and your lack of quality-of-life post-operation, you need to contact us to learn how the X10 can return you to the life you expected. ABOUT GETTING BACK TO YOUR LIFE


Our clinical team is ready to help you at any time with your knee surgery recovery. You can reach us with a phone call at 1-855-910-5633 or an email at

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