Knee Replacement

Mary – At an educational seminar at The Waterfront Inn in The Villages, Florida Mary met a woman who was really struggling with her recovery from total knee replacement. Mary signed up for X10 on the spot. She had an X10 in her home within days, and went through a knee replacement surgery a week later. Her X10 Knee Recovery Coach set her up the day she got home from the hospital, and away she went. – Read More

Charles – found that his mobility was in trouble which meant, therefore, that his livelihood was at risk. His left knee clearly needed surgery so he set out to find the finest surgeon around. He landed on Dr. Robert Ference. Dr. Ference selected Charles to be one of his early X10 rehab patients… and the rest, as one might say, is history. – Read More

Chris – a highly active guy. Put him on the list of people who just don’t stop. He built a very successful business in manufacturing all the while pursuing a wide range of fun activities like car racing, snowmobiling, zip-lining, and becoming a helicopter pilot. For a helicopter pilot knee replacement is to be taken seriously as a failed surgery and recovery can lead to the inability to fly. – Read More

Gary – Looking for a great surgeon was not the problem. Gary, a retired member of the sheriff’s office in Ocala, FL, had worked with Dr. Farr before and trusted him implicitly. So when Dr. Farr recommended the X10 for Gary’s post-surgery recovery at home, there was no question about going forward with the program. Click on the picture here to view Gary’s recovery story. – Read More

Wilton – Wilton “Sonny” Predium has spent his life training thoroughbreds in Ocala, Florida, the horse capital of the world. He needed a total knee replacement, finally, and turned to the X10 for post-surgery recovery. Click on the picture here to view Sonny’s recovery story. – Read More

Training Horses after Knee Replacement

Sue – has been a tennis player all her life. She played in high school and college. After going through the normal steps including therapy and injections Sue decided to go ahead with a knee replacement surgery with Dr. Mark Kardesheh. She used The X10 Knee Recovery System™ to recover from her surgery. – Read More

Sue Total Knee Replacement

The Evolution of Knee Rehab

Thousands of knee patients have used the X10 to recover from total or partial knee replacement surgery. They recovery at home. They recovery quickly. They avoid complications. They get back to their lives months before they would otherwise.

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