Knee Replacement Recovery

It is typical for full knee surgery recovery to take as many as three months. Beginning in 2012 a new class of knee replacement recovery device was made available which accelerated patient recovery. The PMKR machines replaced the CPM machines. The X10 Knee Recovery System™ is the most well known and successful new knee replacement recovery tool.

Mary Got Back to the Fun of The Villages after Knee Replacement Recovery

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Mary found X10 at a seminar at The Waterfront Inn in The Villages. She wanted to make sure she had a complete recovery soon after knee replacement in The Villages. She signed up on the spot, had the X10 in her home within days, and had surgery a week later.

“I just wish more orthopedic surgeons would take a look at this technology.”

Recovery After Surgery

The surgery was a great success thanks to the good work of Dr. Duke of Ocala, Florida. When Mary got home her recovery was equally successful. Mary regained the bend of her knee within three weeks. She used the X10 to get rid of the swelling and then started to use the Dynamic Strength tools to arrest the atrophy that accompanied her reduced mobility prior to surgery. Recovery from knee replacement in The Villages can be a test of wills given the many challenges in getting back to normal. Mary put her time in at home with the X10 and is a true success story.

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