Managing Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Is the X10 for You?

  • Are you not making progress on range of motion?
  • Is your surgeon or therapist discussing a manipulation under anesthesia?

If so, you should consider X10 therapy, the fastest and least painful way of recovering range of motion. You want to avoid a manipulation under anesthesia if at all possible. The procedure itself is painful and it restarts your therapy clock. No one likes to go backwards. To learn more see the patient testimonials below.

Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia Recovery

Kathy (Avoid MUA) – I decided I needed to look for something different. I came across a testimonial. Someone had done this thing called the X10 and then once I had that word, the X10, X10 Therapy, then a whole world came tumbling open to me. And I realized it was a real thing. And I realized that it was helping people. It ignited something in me which had been lacking for a long time, which was hope that there was something that could help me.- Read More


Bruce (Avoid MUA) – In the end Bruce blew away his goals… getting to 126º range of motion. He was able to avoid a third MUA… and then some. In his own words you can see Bruce approached this knee bending problem like he approaches life… with perseverance and hard work… the result being success! Watch our brief interview  to learn more about Bruce’s journey. – Read More

Avoide Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Jeanie (Avoid MUA) – Just two more weeks. That is all she asked for. Before agreeing to go ahead with a return trip to the hospital, more anesthesia, swelling, pain and a new round of rehab Jeanie wanted to solve this problem on her own. In the end she found the X10 which came with a great remote coach and, finally, hope. In two weeks… no MUA… click the picture to watch Jeanie’s story. – Read More

Jeanie Avoids MUA

Christine (Avoid MUA)  – At six weeks post surgery Dr. Scott and Christine’s favorite physical therapist were talking about a Manipulation Under Anesthesia. The CPM had failed in helping with range of motion. P.T. was getting nowhere. The clock was ticking. Learn how Christine avoided an MUA in just a few weeks by clicking on the picture here. – Read More

Avoid an MUA

Kathy (Avoid MUA) – Kathy always chooses the best of the best. Vacations, cars, clothes. When it came to her painful knee she chose one of the best surgeons in Michigan for her Total Knee Replacement Surgery. You can imagine her surprise when the recovery went south, the rehab facility failed her, and she was facing a Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Find out how Kathy got her groove back.  – Read More

Avoid Manipulation Under Anesthesia - Kathy
Freeman-Ference X10 Therapy for MUA Recovery

Recover After MUA

When your surgeon recommends a manipulation under anesthesia means that you have not achieved an adequate range of motion. This often happens for genetic reasons; your body may form scar tissue faster than normal. A manipulation under anesthesia restarts your therapy clock and it’s critical that you regain range of motion faster than when you initially started therapy. What you did the first time did not work. The X10 enables you to regain range of motion faster than any other known method. And, it does this without adding therapeutic pain. Please see the testimonials below.

Nancy (After MUA) – Depression. Frustration. Tears. The CPM machine had failed to help. The Biodex machine caused excruciating pain. The physical therapist (who was doing his best to be caring) pushed Nancy so hard, she had to “vocalize” her discomfort to the alarm of everyone in the facility. She promised herself that after the Manipulation Under Anesthesia things would be different. – Read More

Nancy After MUA

Carol (After MUA) – Both of my knees were injured on 9/11. I was crushed in Tower Two when it collapsed. I had immediate surgeries, right after 9/11. And then with all the other surgeries and injuries, I was in a process of recovery for a very long time. In fact, I’m still in the process of physical recovery from 9/11. I have neck injuries, back injuries, knees, shoulder, and foot. This knee is a 9/11 injury that I’ve just been dealing with over the years. – Read More

After MUA Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Allen (After MUA) – Even with the best surgeons at the best hospitals there are plenty of rehab challenges. Allen’s surgery by Dr. McLawhorn at HSS was spot on. No problem there. It was just the nature of his physiology that derailed his recovery after total knee surgery. But even after the MUA Allen was still stuck in the 70’s… at least in terms of his range of motion. He needed some help to make this knee surgery a success. – Read More

Robert (After MUA) – Unlucky. A dirty needle on a routine Cortisone shot. And then a three hour surgery to remove infection, a difficult rehab that ended up failing, and then a Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Yet, you just get the feeling that Bob smiled his way through all of this… at least you will once you watch this interview. You will cheer for Bob like we did… and we were the ones who worked with him after that MUA to get him well and back to the sports he loves. – Read More

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