The advantages of bilateral surgery are: you have one (shorter) hospital stay (than with two single-knee surgeries), one round of anesthesia, less total opioid use; you are less likely to catch a hospital-borne infection than if you have two single-leg surgeries, and total recovery time is far shorter… especially with the X10. Unfortunately, unless patients have had intensive Pre-hab (see X10 Pre-hab) patients are twice as likely to be discharged to a convalescent home. If they are using traditional physical therapy, recovery can be slow, painful, and difficult on both patients and caregivers. Unless patients strengthen their legs prior to surgery they are typically not independent, and require additional care.

Kathy Reddington - Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Kathy (70) is a yoga instructor who found herself in the unenviable position of needing two knee replacements. With the consent of Dr. Brian McCardal Kathy did them both at the same time. One surgery. One recovery. It just made sense. A month later, after devoting herself to her recovery at home with The X10 Knee Recovery System™, Kathy got back to her yoga.

NCAA Basketball Official Total Knee Replacement

An NCAA Referee Back to Work After Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Came home, started using it immediately a couple times a day. It doesn’t hurt because the machine knows when it’s putting too much pressure on you, and it will stop if it realizes that you’re getting too much pressure. It’s incredibly easy to use. I am so far ahead of where I would have been if I hadn’t found it simply because you don’t get any feedback on your own.