ACL Tear, Arthroscopy, Fractured Patella: Other Knee Surgeries and X10

While the vast majority of X10 patients are partial, total or bilateral knee replacement patients, more and more people having undergone other knee surgeries are finding us, in some cases from far away. A few examples presented below.

Luis suffered an ACL Tear playing soccer. Traditional physical therapy caused unbelievable pain. He found himself fighting back whenever he was at the physical therapy clinic, a condition called Protective Muscle Guarding. As a last gasp effort he turned to the X10.

Kathy fractured her patella in her home and found herself well behind after six weeks of rehab. To read Kathy’s blog click here: From Knee Fracture to Function

Linda fell at home after a foot surgery and ended up with a broken knee cap. Months of failed rehab… and then the X10. Linda’s amazing story here.

Krystal had three Arthroscopies and a Manipulation Under Anesthesia prior to recovering on the X10 Knee Recovery System™.

There are many other examples of patient recoveries, tips, advice presented in The X10 Meta-Blog which you can read by clicking here. The blog is updated weekly with a different author each week. You can subscribe here: Subscribe to The X10 Meta-Blog