Fractured Patella, ACL Tear, Arthroscopy: Other Knee Surgeries and X10

Patella fractures are harder to recover from than other knee surgeries because the leg is placed in a cast for weeks allowing scar tissue to form and muscle atrophy to occur. It is critical, once the cast is removed, to engage in as much therapy as possible as soon as possible. This is best achieved if the therapy does not cause therapeutic pain. The X10 protects you from therapeutic pain enabling you to engage in multiple sessions of therapy per day enhancing your recovery and speeding your return to an active life. With the X10 you recover your lost range of motion and strength faster and more completely than with any other method.


Kathy (Fractured Patella) – I went home and started researching the web. I am blessed to say I discovered X10 Therapy.  PJ Ewing talked to me for a long time and answered every question. We discussed that I was recovering from a fracture, not a TKR, but I had to try. Once I talked it over with my husband, the machine was delivered within days.  I started at a painful 85° on my first day. 30-minute sessions, 3 times a day and 14 days later I reached a range of 115°-120° flexion WITHOUT PAIN. –Read More

Kathy Mathews-Plunkett

Dr Jik Chin (Fractured Patella) – Dr. Jik Chin explains his ORIF knee recovery after an accident on an electronic scooter. He travelled from Toronto, Canada to SE Michigan to do 10 days on the X10. As a scientist he put the X10 through its paces in his hotel room. His first testimonial for any product, Dr. Chin was excited to share news about his experience after open reduction internal fixation surgery with the X10. –Read More

ORIF Knee Recovery - Dr. Jik Chin

Linda (Fractured Patella) – Remote recovery in Tennessee can be a challenge. You are asked to do much of your rehab at home with little guidance. That’s what Linda faced after a knee cap injury. She fell down at home after a foot surgery and ended up with a broken knee cap. Months of failed rehab… and then the X10. Linda’s truly amazing story of getting back to her life can be found here. –Read More

Linda Washburn

Linnea (Fractured Patella) – “Two days later, Dr. Jason Sadowski bolted the kneecap, wrapped it with wire and sent me home in a leg brace designed to keep my right leg absolutely straight for six weeks. Yep, zero degrees at all times. The first two weeks were the toughest, not only because of some pain, but because I felt so limited. I couldn’t drive, I had to take stairs one at a time, and when I walked, I looked like Frankenstein’s monster.” –Read More

Linnea Fractured Patella

Luis (ACL Tear) – Luis suffered an ACL Tear playing soccer. Traditional physical therapy caused unbelievable pain. He found himself fighting back whenever he was at the physical therapy clinic, a condition called Protective Muscle Guarding. As a last gasp effort he turned to the X10. It took three weeks for him to get his flexion and full extension on the X10 in his home. –Read More

Protective Muscle Guarding

Krystal (Arthroscopy) – After three Arthroscopies and a Manipulation Under Anesthesia at a very young age, Krystal was beside herself. “I couldn’t walk, had multiple dislocations and immense pain that prevented me to live my life the way I used to. I was devastated and scared. I am self-employed and couldn’t work. My days consisted of me trying to manage my pain and being immobile.” She was out of options, or so she thought prior to recovering on the X10 Knee Recovery System™. –Read More

Krystal After X10

Lois (TKA, MUA, Torn Patellar Tendon, Arthroscopy) – Lois was scheduled to use the X10 for her MUA recovery. In fact we had an X10 machine in her home prior to the procedure, ready to go. And then there was the mishap in the MUA procedure. What follows was one for the record books, TKA, MUA, Torn Patellar Tendon, Arthroscopy and then, finally, X10. –Read More

Lois Torn Patellar Tendon Recovery with X10

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