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Several research studies have been completed on the effectiveness of the X10. There is a great deal more research in the works that will be published in 2019 including more evidence behind the efficacy of X10 for Pre-Hab strengthening and range of motion. Additionally work is being done on the impact of X10 on post-surgery strengthening. Individual patient accounts can be found here.  Excerpts, summaries, and abstracts are present below.

Clinical Brief: The Clinical Evidence Behind the X10™

Authors: Bryan Berquist, Paul Ewing, Dr. Carl Freeman

Clinical Brief

This document provides a clinical overview of the X10 for Pre-hab, MUA (Avoid or Post MUA Recovery), Knee Replacement Recovery, Strength Building. Included here is a primary research study completed in 2012.

Download our Clinical Brief “The Clinical Evidence Behind the X10” here: DOWNLOAD

The X10: A Revolution in Knee Rehabilitation Study

Authors: Dr. David Halley and Paul Ewing


Objective: To determine how a patented new computer controlled, pressure modulated knee rehabilitation machine (PMKR) can treat patients with different conditions.

Design: Patients were treated with PMKR and standard rehabilitation following TKA.

Setting: Home-based therapy

Participants: Three Case Studies presented. Case #1: Severely limited right knee joint. Case #2: Typical AGE/AGF knee. Case #3: Middle age female facing MUA 3 weeks post-op.

Interventions: Patients were prospectively treated with PMKR in the home setting.

Main Outcome Measure(s): Patients exhibited faster return to normal life and significant ROM gains using the X10 in the home.

Results: PMKR patients ROM made important gains in all cases.

Conclusions: It seems a reasonable assertion that if a patient can comfortably begin rehabilitation within two to three days following surgery (made possible because of Variable Pressure) there is reasonable expectation that patients will achieve a greater range of motion in a shorter period of time. However this is a secondary goal. It is our primary goal that patients will have a more rapid recovery allowing them to become totally independent, and a member of the workforce, able to return to work in a shorter period of time following surgery.

Download the study here: DOWNLOAD

Building Strength on X10™

Case Report Summary

Author: Bryan Berquist, Dr. Carl Freeman Wayne State University

Timing: Spring 2015

Patient: Kevin McCaig

Surgeon: Dr. Marshall Allegra

A 58-year-old male industrial worker had a right total knee arthroplasty (TKA) due to a work related incident. One month into physical therapy (PT) the therapist ripped the patient’s right leg quadriceps tendon causing the him to cease therapy for 3 months. This patient once again stopped therapy four months later to have an emergency stomach surgery due to a problematic Meckel’s Diverticulum. When the patient was ready to restart his therapy, more than a month after the abdominal surgery, he had only 12 weeks to fully recover and return to work or his employment would be terminated. The patient’s right leg had severely atrophied by this point and his left leg was still atrophied from an incomplete recovery from a partial knee arthroplasty nine months prior to this episode. He required two canes or a walker to ambulate. The surgeon wanted to sign permanent disability papers. The patient chose to begin using the X10™ instead on March 10, 2015.

On May 18th after only 10 weeks of using the X10™ the patient was able to return to work 12 days before his deadline. He did so well his first day back that he actually worked overtime.

To watch an interview with Kevin click here.

The Continuous Passive Motion Machine

If you are curious about the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion Machine) and it effectiveness after knee surgery, click here:

The Effectiveness of the CPM Machine by Dr. David Halley

Additionally here is an article published about the CPM machine for knee replacement:

The Failure of the CPM Machine

The Continuous Passive Motion Device for the Knee: An Imperfect Solution to an Extinct Problem (Immobilization)

by Brittany Ventline, Dr. Carl Freeman

Brittany Ventline and Dr. Carl Freeman did a complete history and study of the CPM machine which sheds great light on this tool. You can read that study published in 2018, here:

CPM: An Imperfect Solution to an Extinct Problem

The X10 may be available through your insurance or as a short-term rental. Most patients do not need the X10 for more than 17 days. Our clinical team is ready to help you at any time with your knee surgery recovery. You can reach us with a phone call at 1-855-910-5633 or an email at To schedule a 15 minute call with us click on the Want to Learn More? image on this page.