There is hope to avoiding a Manipulation Under Anesthesia. The X10 Knee Recovery System™ stands alone in its ability to accomplish this challenging task.

The key principles here are FREQUENCY of movement to a CHALLENGING flexion or extension angle WITHOUT PAIN. The key to the success of the X10 is its unique ability to feel a patients tightness (measured by lbs. of pressure) and make instant adjustments. This protects the patient from going too far too fast.

The Stiff Knee Marilyn Jonker

The Stiff Knee (by Marilyn Jonker)

Help! I’m stuck!

Yes, that was me nine weeks post surgery for total knee replacement. I could not get past 100º on my own or 105º with the therapist. For several years I had been going to the gym three or four times a week for yoga, Pilates, stretch and flex, and interval classes, so this degree of motion was not acceptable to me.