Our Team

Meet the many wonderful people who make up our team at X10 Therapy.

Erin Rempher, Director of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist Assistant

Erin joined the X10 team in 2017 bringing her knowledge of knee recovery from 9 years of work in physical therapy, from being a technician to working as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Erin’s work as a PTA took her from Michigan to Texas and back again, with time spent in skilled rehab centers, home health care, and outpatient therapy. Across the country, one thing never changed –  the feeling of frustration seeing so many of her patients struggle immensely during total knee replacement recovery. “I knew there had to be a better way to do this”, and that’s when she found X10.

Intrigued and excited, Erin came onboard as an X10 Coach and is supporting and motivating patients on their journey through a faster, less painful, recovery with X10. To listen to an interview with Erin click here.

Bryan Berquist, Director of X10 Operations

Bryan worked with X10 as an intern in 2016. It was such a good experience that he joined our team in Michigan full-time in late 2018. Bryan has great skills in logistics, project management and is very excited about bringing the marvelous technology of X10 to surgeons across the country.

Mary Elliott, Director of Sales, SE Michigan

Mary started her career life as a realtor.

She fell in love with it. Helping people find the house they had been dreaming of was exciting. She wrote contracts, negotiated sales and helped them obtain financing, which lead her to a career as a loan officer. Mary’s life mission has always been “To come into someone’s life and have it be better for having her in it”. Helping people get the funds they needed in order to purchase their dream home was incredibly rewarding.

Mary has owned her own business and played every role you can imagine within that. She has been a consultant and coached people to reach their health and personal goals. “I love life and I am grateful for every breathe I take. I love being active,” says Mary. Mary is Certified Wedding Officiant and also a Reiki Master.

Mary helped many thousands of people recover lost vitality as a counselor at Jenny Craig where Mary was the Program Director and worked daily as a Patient Consultant.

Mary joined our team in Southeast Michigan in 2015. “Mary brings an amazing positive spirit and tremendous rehab skill to our coaching team,” said Paul Ewing, CEO, Halley Orthopedics. In 2016 Mary has added to her responsibilities work as a Clinical Liaison with a number of large orthopedic practices in Southeast Michigan. Most recently Mary was promoted to Director of Sales, SE Michigan.

Todd Zegras, Vice President, X10 Patient Coach

Todd Zegras joined our team in 2014 and has worked in a variety of capacities for our organization since that time. Todd has coached more than 250 X10 patients to full recovery in the Northeast U.S. since joining the team.

Prior to coming to Halley Orthopedics, Todd spent many years in healthcare. He was one of the first three employees of a start-up healthcare point-of-care media company with the express purpose of establishing a target market and building a sales strategy. Through a tactful approach of direct sales and strategic partnerships, the company installed systems into 650 physician offices nationwide in just 16 months before being acquired. Todd then went on to work at Point-of-Care healthcare media leader AccentHealth selling into large hospital and physician groups before joining Halley Orthopedics.

Todd holds a BA from Boston College.

Dr. Carl Freeman, Director of Clinical Research

Dr. Carl Freeman has had an illustrious career in academia, writing many well reviewed papers on knee physiology, recovery and rehabilitation. He has worked with many notable orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists, and has helped the team at X10 Therapy immensely in gathering the data that has proven the clinical value of the X10 Knee Recovery System™. In addition to his invaluable work at X10™, Dr. Freeman is a Senior Faculty Advisor, Honors at Wayne State University.

Amy Bodway, X10 Patient Coach, Physical Therapist

Amy joined the X10 team as a Patient Coach in late 2019 bringing with her a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Michigan, Flint and 19 years of experience in both the acute care (hospital) and home health settings.  Her clinical background combined with personal experience with knee injuries/surgeries make X10 coaching a natural fit for her.

Amy was first introduced to the X10 machine while working with a home care patient in 2013.  Forever a fan of all things systematic and data-driven, she was impressed by how the machine helps to standardize rehab of the knee by allowing for reproduceable, precise and incremental progression in range of motion and strength leading to less pain, greater compliance and ultimately improved outcomes.  When an opportunity to make a career switch presented itself, Amy jumped at the chance to join the X10 team and hasn’t looked back.

Candice Cawood, X10 Patient Coach, Physical Therapist Assistant

Candice, who joined our team as a Coach in 2019, is a graduate of Davenport University’s Lansing Campus, Physical Therapy Assistants Program. She has been working as a PTA for the last 16 years and never gets tired of helping people to get well and move on with living a happy and full life. “I love being in the medical field, it’s been my goal to be in this field since I was 12 years old”.

Candice has worked in Outpatient Clinics, in-patient settings and Rehab clinics, with her longest time, 11 years, being in the Homecare setting, working with all different types of diagnosis’s. “I love helping all patients, but joint replacements were always my favorite.”   Candice came to hear about X10 through Coach Erin and after looking into what the X10 was all about, reached out, wanting to become a Coach. “The more I learn about the machine and the work/progress patient make with it, the more I wanted to be on the team that would help patients with the use of X10”. She is very excited to be a part of the team and spread the word and help as many patients as she can- to recover after their surgeries!

Halima Curry, X10 Patient Coach, Physical Therapist Assistant

Halima is our newest Coach who joined our team in July 2020. She brings 17 years of Physical Therapy experience to our company. She has an additional degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan-Flint. Halima’s knowledge and experience are rooted in educating and empowering patients to achieve their desired goals and return to a full quality of life.

Halima has worked in outpatient, inpatient (hospital), and academic settings. She also has several years of teaching pre-operative education and classes for total knee/hip replacements. Her mantra to patients is “Knowledge is power!” Halima’s clinical and teaching experience, combined with her personal commitment to health and wellness, make X10 coaching a great fit for her and our team.

Halima is excited about the opportunity to utilized her ability to share in the expansion of knowledge and thereby coach patients to optimal success and recovery!

PJ Ewing, Chief Marketing Officer

PJ worked in marketing and advertising for the first 20+ years of his career. Beginning his career at Leo Burnett Advertising he worked on many large brands including McDonald’s, Kraft, & Pepsi before moving to media sales. Mr. Ewing developed an expertise in helping people solve difficult questions.

In 2012 PJ joined the executive team at X10 Thereapy as Chief Marketing Officer. “Never has there been a bigger opportunity to improve the outcomes of knee patients. I jumped when I first heard about the X10. Now I love every minute of the work we do,” said Mr Ewing.

PJ received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Business from the University of Notre Dame.

For media and other marketing inquiries email: pj.ewing@x10therapy.com.

Our clinical team is ready to help you at any time with your knee surgery recovery. You can reach us with a phone call at 1-855-910-5633 or an email at info@x10therapy.com. To schedule a 15 minute call with us click on the Want to Learn More? image on this page.