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Freeman-Ference X10 Therapy for MUA Recovery
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X10 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the X10 Knee Recovery System™ and what is it used for?

The X10 Knee Recovery System™ is an in-home knee surgery recovery program for total knee replacement, total knee arthroplasty, partial knee replacement, Makoplasty, fractured patella, anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, medial cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, tendon rupture or repair, and torn meniscus. The X10 is available through your insurance (in some select cases) and is available as a short-term rental. For more on how to get X10 for your recovery click here: Get X10. To learn about financing a rental of the X10 click here.

Many people put off knee surgery because of the pain, opiate use, lengthy knee surgery recovery, failed / stiff knee, and the fear that their lives will never be the same. The X10™ solves all of these problems and more. It significantly decreases pain, opiate use, and swelling. Knee physical therapy can be painful and pain can lead to complications. Knee surgery recovery no longer has to last for months. The X10 provides in-home knee physical therapy under the guidance of a recovery coach. The X10 wirelessly shares exercise data with your coach in real-time allowing for superior knee surgery recovery in your home.

Knee Surgery Recovery Quality and Speed

X10™ increases the quality (i.e., strength, muscle activation, range of motion), and speed of knee surgery recovery allowing patients to quickly re-engage in the activities they enjoy. The average X10 patient gets back to normal life dramatically faster than those who do not use the X10.

Equally important the X10™ achieves these spectacular results in a dramatically shorter time with less pain than typical physical therapy. X10™ patients on average achieve their full range of motion in four weeks.

Those who use the X10™ for pre-habilitation and rehabilitation achieve more than their full pre-surgical strength in one month. In contrast, the average manual physical therapy patients may require six months to achieve their full range of motion, and over one year to regain their pre-surgical strength if they ever regain it.

Many knee surgery patients lose the race against scar tissue and may require additional procedures (Manipulation Under Anesthesia), or may be forced to settle with results less than what they had hoped for. The X10 is the single best solution for these problem cases. Click here if you are struggling with knee surgery recovery.

Why is X10 so Special for Knee Surgery Recovery?

  • It causes no therapeutic pain.
  • The X10 Knee Recovery System™ is patient-centric. On X10 the patient is in control in contrast to manual physical therapy where the therapist is in control. Therefore the X10 causes no pain while manual physical therapy can be extremely painful. – Learn More
  • X10™ users get more physical therapy than with any other method (they use it more because it doesn’t hurt).
  • The X10 machine, restores range of motion so quickly that patients are unlikely to require a follow-up procedure for scar tissue (Manipulation Under Anesthesia, MUA, or surgery to remove scar tissue). – Learn More
  • Those X10 patients who use the machine for strengthening before and after surgery eliminate the typical strength deficit of 30% in approximately three weeks; at the end of one month they have more strength than they did before surgery. – Learn More
  • The X10 restores patient independence in days or a few weeks as opposed to months to years.
  • Wirelessly the X10 communicates your progress to your surgeon, therapist and coach daily. – Learn More
  • The X10 is particularly beneficial for patients who have other health problems as these patients are often prone to complications. – Learn More
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