Allen’s Post MUA Recovery was Going Nowhere

Even after a perfect surgery, weeks of PT and then a Manipulation Under Anesthesia Allen’s knee was getting weaker and his range of motion was simply stuck somewhere around 75º. Not good at all. Twelve days post MUA things were getting really tense and Allen’s wife went to work on the internet. She came up with a thing called the X10 and that is when things started to look up.

After getting the X10 on a cold February day Allen went to work. Building strength daily, gaining the 5º or so per day we recommend (not too fast, not too slow) it took Allen only eight (8) days to get to full extension and full flexion. On day 10 we picked up the X10 from Allen’s house…. done! No need for a second MUA.

Yet Another Discarded CPM Machine

One telling note about Allen’s recovery experience. When our X10 Technician arrived at Allen’s home he had to bring the X10 through the garage. Along the way… there it was… a discarded CPM Machine. Continuous Passive Motion machines were once held up as the new technology-driven path to fast recoveries. But ever since they were introduced in the 1970’s study after study debunked the value of the CPM. It was no surprise, then, that the CPM failed in this case too. What is surprising is that they are still around at all. Old habits die hard.

A successful business executive, Allen quickly went to work on our behalf after the X10 saved the day. He was responsible for three additional successful recoveries after his own. Thank you Allen!

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