After a Knee Manipulation

Recovery after a knee manipulation consists of daily physical therapy for two straight weeks. Even with this vigorous regimen one in four patients may require a second manipulation under anesthesia. There are alternatives to extensive clinical physical therapy that are oftentimes more successful in solving a knee range of motion challenge.

Robert Recovers After a Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Presented in Bob’s Own Words:
“Cool thing about the X10 is it is like the perfect therapist that knows exactly how to move your leg and does it the same way every time, and you can increase that as much or as little as you want. As far as I’m concerned, it’s so much superior than trying to do something yourself or even having a physical therapist do it for you.

My name is Bob. I have a real active life. I was in executive retail management, on my feet 12 or 14 hours a day for 30 years. I’m still an avid walker. In fact, I like to get a 15 minute mile out, four miles a day. I’ve always been very active.”

Infection, Pain, Scar Tissue, then a MUA

“I would experience a lot of knee pain, little bit of arthritis, so I got cortisone shots regularly in my knees.

When I got a hold of X10, and I told them I was having the manipulation surgery, they actually timed it. Sure enough, it was around 12:30, one o’clock and the machine came, in about 90 minutes of the time I was home. So on the day that I had the manipulation surgery, that evening, I was already on the X10. The cool thing about it was the first run on the X10, I got an 80º or an 85º flexation right off the bat from the surgery. I had improved my numbers already almost 20º. I was pretty stinking excited about that!

Some Discomfort

There was a little bit of discomfort for the first few days, but that was something that would be normal because my muscles weren’t used to getting that kind of range of motion. It didn’t take long where that was gone. Actually, it started feeling good because the muscles were remembering what it felt like to have that stretch to it. Pretty soon, it was very therapeutic.

On the extension, it was 0º, which is perfect. It’s as far as the machine will go, and my flexation, it was 112º, and I got that every time I went on there, 112º, which is amazing when I stop to think I actually started out at 55º, and then 68º was the farthest I could get, and then I ended up doing 112º.

So what am I doing next summer? What I do know I’m going to be doing is back to walking 15 minute miles four miles a day. I’m going to go back to doing that. It’s a whole lot better than when I was on a walker two and a half, three months ago. I’m pretty happy.”

Robert Recovers After a Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia: Well Done! To listen to the story of Dan who recovered after his manipulation click here.

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