Training the Horses after Knee Replacement

– Video by David Lahmann and Tim Unger

Wilton’s surgery by Dr. Derek Farr at The Ocala Regional Hospital went like clock work.

Wilton had been working on a farm in Ocala for many years. Over time his knees wore down to the point that he was actually scaring the horses with his own uneven gait. Ironic as he has spent much of his life working on the gait of his beloved thoroughbreds. This is horse country with many renown horses coming from the various farms in the area. Wilton had no time for a bad knee to get in the way of his important work. It was very important to him to return to training the horses after knee replacement as soon as possible.

Ocala, Florida: Horse Capital of the World

Ocala, Florida: Horse Capital of the World

Although this small urban sprawl stretching across nearly 40 square miles of Florida flatlands has gained certain renown in other matters, including being situated just hours away from the infamous “Lightning Alley” between Titusville and Tampa, it is its recognition of the horse that puts Ocala on the high tower.

For miles, brown and white board fences enclose squares of green pastures. Well-built barns abound. And the sleek, muscular animals themselves graze in fields against a blue horizon backdrop. Marion County is home to more than 600 Thoroughbred farms and is one of a handful of Thoroughbred centers in the world.

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Dr. Derek Farr is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing orthopedics in Ocala, Florida since 2008. Prior to that, Dr. Farr was living in Boca Raton, Florida. He completed an orthopedic sports medicine fellowship with the Miami Heat in 2006.

Dr. Farr prides himself in providing the most advanced techniques for a variety of orthopedic injuries. His surgical practice includes total joint replacements of the shoulder, knee and hip. He was one of the first surgeons to bring the technique of reverse shoulder replacement to Marion County and was the first surgeon in Marion County to perform Makoplasty Robotic Assisted Surgery. Dr Farr also provides cutting edge technology such as the mobile bearing hip replacement, as well as sports medicine and minimally invasive Arthroscopic surgery. You can reach Dr. Farr at Twin Palm Orthopedics.

Wilton was back on the farm within two weeks. Back to his beautiful animals. Back to his life. We at X10 Therapy are truly please to have been a part of Wilton’s recovery. Much thanks to Wilton for his hard work, and to Tricia Lahmann, Wilton’s X10 Recovery Coach, who did such a wonderful job helping Wilton get back to his life.

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