Chris: Helicopter Pilot Knee Replacement

DEXTER, Michigan — Chris is a highly active guy. Put him on the list of people who just don’t stop. He built a very successful business in manufacturing. And, all the while pursuing a wide range of fun activities. Car racing. Snowmobiling. Zip-lining. And becoming a helicopter pilot. For a helicopter pilot knee replacement is to be taken seriously. A failed surgery and recovery can lead to the inability to fly.

It was Chris’ love of these high energy activities that drove him to get a total knee replacement.

“I was beginning to think that I could not get into a helicopter anymore.”

Getting Back in the Air

Chris found Dr. J. Wesley Mesko at Michigan Orthopedic Center. He agreed that a knee replacement was warranted. Dr. Mesko performed the surgery and Chris threw himself at his recovery with enthusiasm. He recovered using the X10 Knee Recovery System™. He was back to his super-active lifestyle within weeks.

Chris defines what so many X10 patients are looking for in today’s world. Such as ridding themselves of knee pain – just not enough. They demand top flight performance from their new knee. They do not have 3-6 months to visit a clinic three times a week. Hoping it will turn out o.k. With the X10 people like Chris can get back to the things they love to do. Back to life with the knee performance they demand.

Michigan Orthopedic Center

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