The Mayor’s Knee Replacement Makes the Grade

WESTLAND, Michigan — Charles found that his mobility was in trouble. His left knee clearly needed care so he set out to find the finest surgeon around. He landed on Dr. Robert Ference. The Mayor’s Knee Replacement was in good hands. Dr. Ference selected Charles to be one of his early X10 patients… and the rest, as one might say, was history. Charles did great. Back to life in no time. And our team at X10 made some new friends in the process. Watch the video on this page to hear in Charles’ own words how he did with his recovery.

Charles has been a resident of the City of Westland for over 43 years. His now adult children Terri and Leigh grew up in Westland and graduated from John Glenn High School. The entire family enjoyed the city services, the parks and recreation activities and facilities offered by the Westland community.
Charles has been a Real Estate Broker since 1988, seemingly always knowing what most buyers are looking for in a community where they may reside. Safe neighborhoods and public safety are at the top of the list. City services such a trash removal, well maintained streets and homes, parks and recreation facilities and leisure activities are very important for all age groups.

A Mayor’s Knee Replacement Recovery After Surgery

The surgery went well thanks to the good work of Dr. Ference. When Charles got home his recovery was just as good. Our X10 Coach, Mary Elliott, provided ongoing assistance on the phone and in person. Charles entire experience with surgery and recovery was a great success.

“The X10 gave me that extra push so that I could recover much faster than I ever could have imagined.”

Dr. Robert Ference

Dr. Robert J. Ference, M.D. is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. He attended Wayne State University School of Medicine, and specializes in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine with the DMC Medical Group.
Dr. Ference performs approximately 1,000 minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries every year. Dr. Ference, whose expertise is known nationally, was trained by Dr. Peter Bonutti, the physician who developed the procedure in 1991. Dr. Ference was one of the first in this area to perform this technically challenging surgery and now trains other physicians in this procedure. Dr. Ference’s patients have come from across the country to have this procedure performed.

Our clinical team is ready to help you at any time with your knee surgery recovery. You can reach us with a phone call at 1-855-910-5633 or an email at To schedule a 15 minute call with us click on the Want to Learn More? image on this page.

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