Applying the X10 to Different Knee Conditions

The X10 is used by surgeons, physical therapists and patients as follows:

Avoid MUA/Failed Knee Recovery

Patients who are struggling with their pos-surgery recoveries use X10 to get back on track. Any time from 2-12 weeks post surgery the X10 can help patients make up for lost time on their knee bending, edema reduction and muscle atrophy. – Read More

After MUA/Failed Knee Recovery

If recovery did not go well and a patient has to undergo an MUA, the X10 is used to quickly get a patient to a “safe” range of motion within a few weeks. If recovery using traditional means did not work, it is highly advised that you make changes. The X10 is a proven way to quickly get well after an MUA.- Read More

After Knee Replacement Surgery

Most of our patients use X10 right after surgery thereby avoiding complications and getting back to life quickly without the traditional pain of physical therapy. – Read More

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery

Bilateral is increasingly popular as younger and healthier patients are finding that their knees have worn out at about the same pace. The X10 is perfectly suited for bilateral patients. Recovery time is fast for both knees and you can get most of your rehab done at home. This includes range of motion, muscle activation and strength. – Read More

Pre-habilitation Before Knee Surgery

We have a widely acclaimed pre-surgery strengthening program that puts patients in the best possible position for a fast and complete recovery. Even if you are bone-on-bone and have difficulty doing strength work, the X10 can help you gently build strength prior to surgery under the careful guidance of one of our Strength and Recovery Coaches. – Read More

Pre-hab Dynamic Strength X10

ACL Recovery (as well as other knee surgeries)

The principles behind ACL recovery are very similar to knee replacement in many respects. Gentle, steady, patient gains in the range of motion are recommended – often times in a carefully prescribed range. The X10 allows ACL and other knee surgery patients to zero in on exactly what they need throughout their recovery. – Read More