Pre-hab | Building Strength Before Surgery

What is Pre-hab

Pre-habilitation involves preparatory exercises and stretches done before surgery.

Why is it Important?

Pre-hab before knee replacement is particularly important because the average knee replacement patient has been losing strength for more than seven years resulting in leg muscle atrophy.

Pre-hab is the last opportunity to build back some of your lost strength before you lose even more following surgery.

How does Pre-hab work?

The painful swelling in damaged knees results from fluid which inhibits brain/muscle communication and promotes scar tissue. By strengthening your muscles before surgery, you have stronger leg muscles to pump this fluid out of the knee and eliminate it from the body thereby restoring communication between your muscles and your brain. This by itself increases your strength. Being stronger going into surgery leads to you being stronger coming out of surgery and enables you to immediately do more things, which sets you up for a better recovery.

What are the benefits?

Increased Strength and Faster Recovery:

On average X10 patients increase their quadriceps leg strength by 20% in three weeks. Our comprehensive Pre-hab program helps patients strengthen all the major muscles of both legs prior to surgery. The normal knee replacement patient has a 30% strength deficit, on average, at one year. This deficit may persist for 10 years or longer. X10 Pre-patients are often back to their full pre-operative strength or better within 30 days.

Pre-hab is well worth your investment of time and the best thing is, that X10 Pre-hab is done in your own home. What could be more convenient?

Pre-Hab with the X10 is not painful:

Traditional Pre-hab programs using standard exercise equipment are painful to use. The beauty of the X10 is that it was specifically designed for damaged knees—it does not hurt to use it, even intensively. In fact, our patients achieve more in three weeks than what standard intensive programs do in eight weeks, and our results show more than 90% compliance vs. 12-42% compliance with standard exercise equipment.

Avoid the need to be admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility after surgery:

Most X10 Pre-hab patients do not have to go to a live-in rehab facility after surgery and are eligible to be be discharged to their homes. This is crucial because you are far less likely to catch a hospital/nursing home infection in your own home and patients discharged to their home obtain better results than patients discharged to any other setting.

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