Two Weeks of Strength Work on X10

Reba was advised by her surgeon, Dr. James J. Verner, to prepare for her knee replacement with a little strength work on the X10. Reba is a woman of her word. When she commits to something she does it. On the X10 with its various strength programs including concentric, eccentric, adductor, abductor, calf, range of motion and dynamic strength training… she did the work diligently each day. She put in the time… and benefitted greatly from it.

Two Week Recovery

With two weeks of Pre-hab under her belt and a great surgery at Beaumont Hospital done by Dr. Verner it seems only fair that her Rehab at home only took two weeks. As you can see in the video on this page Reba got right back to work around the house and her beloved garden. The X10 takes this major surgery and turns it into a piece of cake.

“Before I was in outpatient therapy I was going up and down stairs.”

Not just bending, not just walking, actually living

When we say “back to full strength,” we mean it. With Reba’s good work before surgery she paved the way to get back to pre-surgery strength by week three and then exceed her pre-surgery strength by week four. These are unheard of measurements… for most the goal is 3 months and 115º bend and 6 months to pre-surgery strength. Well done Reba… and well done X10!

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