Nine Stories of Bilateral Knee Replacement

Stories of bilateral knee replacement come in all shapes and sizes. Bilateral knee replacement is an important trend in orthopedic surgery given the fact that people have less time to devote to recovery, and are more demanding of knee performance after surgery. Additionally more people are have knee replacement at a younger age.

The Consequences of this Trend

The problem is that with this seemingly irreversible trend toward “doubles”, patient results have suffered. Lisa Alarcon, Director of Physical Therapy at Michigan VNA notes that “if your knees are bad enough so that one knee cannot really support all of your weight then go ahead and do them both.” She also suggests that for rehabilitation, bilateral surgery has it advantages in that “you cannot cheat” when you are doing your rehab exercises because both knees are in recovery.

Patients with two knee replacements at once can do very well in rehab because of this balanced recovery. Of course there is double the danger of succumbing to scar tissue before you can get to a good range of motion. Lisa discusses the dangers of scar tissue here.

Learn what there is to learn from those who have “gone for two.’ We have nine accounts of bilateral knee replacement for you below.

Considering Bilateral Knee Replacement? Tom’s Story.

Considering Bilateral Knee Surgery? I was too… this summer, 2017. And I went ahead with it and am so glad that I did. This is my story of bilateral surgery and recovery. And I have some help in telling it from my good friends, coaches, therapists, teammates… Lisa Pelley, Yvonne Lacrosse and Mary Elliott. — Tom Moceri, November 2017

New Technology for Bilateral Knee Surgery and Recovery

Jack McDonnell took advantage of three important new tools to great advantage for his bilateral surgery: MAKOplasty Robotic Assisted Surgery, BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy, and The X10 Knee Recovery System™. In his own words Jack tells his story of surgery and recovery.

An NCAA Referee Back to Work After Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Came home, started using it immediately a couple times a day. It doesn’t hurt because the machine knows when it’s putting too much pressure on you, and it will stop if it realizes that you’re getting too much pressure. It’s incredibly easy to use. I am so far ahead of where I would have been if I hadn’t found it simply because you don’t get any feedback on your own.

100% Better After Bilateral Knee Replacement (Walter’s Recovery)

My surgeon agreed that using the X10 ONLY was fine since the results I was getting were so great. Smiles and happiness! The X10 was definitely the right decision as was my decision to do the bilateral knee replacement surgery.

Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Kathy (70) is a yoga instructor who found herself in the unenviable position of needing two knee replacements. With the consent of Dr. Brian McCardal Kathy did them both at the same time. One surgery. One recovery. It just made sense. A month later, after devoting herself to her recovery at home with The X10 Knee Recovery System™, Kathy got back to her yoga.

Bilateral Knee Replacement for Olympic Cyclist

Chris Nowacki spends time with us discussing her husband’s bilateral knee replacement. Wallander (Wally) Nowacki was an Olympic cyclist early in his life. Finding himself in need of two new knees last age 65 he took the leap and did both knees at once.

Four Weeks After Bilateral Knee Replacement

Melissa’s full report four weeks after bilateral knee replacement. Driving. Walking the dog. Off assisted devices. No pain meds. A textbook recovery.

Deciding on Bilateral Knee Replacement (Donna’s Story)

Donna reached out to X10 in late spring to talk about using the program for a single total knee replacement planned for that summer. She did some exploration of doing both knees at once and ultimately went in that direction. Donna discusses deciding on bilateral knee replacement and her recovery here.

Two Knee Replacements at Once

It is called bilateral knee replacement. Two knees. At the same time. Usually it is performed by one surgeon; at times it is done simultaneously by two surgeons. And it is a massive trend in knee replacement nowadays.

Knee Replacement Resources for You

At X10 we work with people having two knee replacements at once every day. In fact it is one of the more popular types of patient for us. The X10 Knee machine easily accommodates patents who want to pre-hab or rehab two knees concurrently. We make it easy to move from knee to knee for work on range-of-motion and strength.

To learn more about X10 click here.

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Knee Educational Resources and Evaluations

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Two knee replacements at once