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The X10 Meta-Blog

We call it a “Meta-Blog.” We step back and give you a broad perspective on all aspects of knee health. We cover knee surgery and recovery as with this article on your gait after knee replacement.

In this one-of-a-kind blog we gather together great thinkers, doers, and writers. All our work is related to Knee Surgery, Recovery, Preparation, Care, Success and Failure. Meet physical therapists, coaches, surgeons, patients, and as many smart people as we can gather to create useful articles for you. This is for you if you have a surgery upcoming, or in the rear-view mirror. Or maybe you just want to take care of your knees to avoid surgery. Executive Editor: PJ Ewing

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Some recent articles in the X10 Meta Blog below.

Revision TKA (Sandie’s Five Year Journey)

It took Sandie five full years to get this knee done. As of today, August 4, Sandie has a clean bill of health for her knee from her surgeon. A big accomplishment and a huge sigh of relief.

Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is extremely effective at eliminating osteoarthritic pain. But, recent research shows that, “Current practice of total knee replacement as performed in a recent U.S. cohort of patients with knee osteoarthritis had minimal effects on quality of life and QALYs (quality adjusted life years) at the group level.”

Losing Weight After Knee Replacement

Here you are, walking into a new path with your brand new knee!!! How incredibly great is that?!! Some would call it a miracle. It’s definitely a change for the better. What are you looking forward to? What paths are now open to you that may have been closed for years? Any way you slice it…

Knee Surgery Anesthesia (Dr. John Everett, Anesthesiologist)

I’m an anesthesiologist in Lansing, Michigan. I’ve been here for 35 years. A bowlegged anesthesiologist. My story revolves around the fact that I tore my meniscus in my left knee in 1995. Knee Surgery Anesthesia.

Everything You Need To Know About Anesthesia

The type of anesthesia used during a surgical procedure will depend on a number of factors, but primarily the nature of the procedure and your medical history. Beyond this, you may be offered a choice of options, and those who anticipate being anxious during the procedure may wish to opt for a greater level of sedation.

Vitamin D and Knee Replacement

Vitamin D is important to the proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin D deficient knee surgery patients have a higher risk of complications following surgery than those with adequate vitamin D. Written by Dr. Carl Freeman.