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The X10 Meta-Blog

We call it a “Meta-Blog.” We step back and give you a broad perspective on all aspects of knee health. We cover knee surgery and recovery as with this article on your gait after knee replacement.

In this one-of-a-kind blog we gather together great thinkers, doers, and writers. All our work is related to Knee Surgery, Recovery, Preparation, Care, Success and Failure. Meet physical therapists, coaches, surgeons, patients, and as many smart people as we can gather to create useful articles for you. This is for you if you have a surgery upcoming, or in the rear-view mirror. Or maybe you just want to take care of your knees to avoid surgery. Executive Editor: PJ Ewing

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Some recent articles in the X10 Meta Blog below.

Senior Olympics for You?

Maybe you should do something really amazing with your new knee… maybe the Senior Olympics are for you. An interview with Becky Ridky.

Two Knee Replacements at Once

It is called bilateral knee replacement. Two knees. At the same time. Usually it is performed by one surgeon; at times it is done simultaneously by two surgeons. And it is a massive trend in knee replacement nowadays.

The Immensity of You

I believe you are the author of this book called “Your Life.” If you don’t like what you’re experiencing right now you can create something different. Every choice we make creates our experiences. Keep following the same recipe you will keep getting the same results. We discuss the immensity of you and your 2020 here.

2020 Knee Replacement? Start Here.

If you have a 2020 Knee Replacement planned or just in the back of your mind… this is the article for you. Get all the information you need here.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

If your feelings of depression and low energy tend to peak in the winter, you may think you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but it could also be something else.

Keep Food Cravings Under Control

A must-read (or listen) right now! Seven tips that can save you seven lbs. this holiday season. Personal trainer, Sheila Olsen, gives us the tools to stay healthy during the upcoming fun at the end of 2019.