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The X10 Meta-Blog

We call it a “Meta-Blog.” We step back and give you a broad perspective on all aspects of knee health. We cover knee surgery and recovery as with this article on your gait after knee replacement.

In this one-of-a-kind blog we gather together great thinkers, doers, and writers. All our work is related to Knee Surgery, Recovery, Preparation, Care, Success and Failure. Meet physical therapists, coaches, surgeons, patients, and as many smart people as we can gather to create useful articles for you. This is for you if you have a surgery upcoming, or in the rear-view mirror. Or maybe you just want to take care of your knees to avoid surgery. Executive Editor: PJ Ewing

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Some recent articles in the X10 Meta Blog below.

Frank’s Unbendable Knee Two Years Later

Amazed, stunned, and speechless, hope rising up in my heart, as a whole new sense of what’s possible for people struggling with those “sticky knees“… for YEARS.

Want To Live Longer? You May Want To Start From The Ground Up

This research demonstrates the critical role leg strength has not only in our day-to-day lives but in planning for happy healthy lives in years to come. These results show how important it is to build strength and take care of ourselves.

Winning at Knee Replacement – A Knee Recovery Coach Reports

Little did I know that throughout Curt’s recovery on the X10, his mother Venetia was watching very closely from the sidelines.  While recovering fairly easily from hip replacement two years prior, Venetia witnessed knee replacement patients struggle with great pain and discomfort.  Venetia had decided to put off having knee replacement surgery indefinitely.

Scar Tissue in the Knee Explained

Fibrosis is another way to look at scar tissue. It’s scar tissue, plus. Some of the scar tissue that we have, you can think of like spiderwebs And so we can move the knee joint a little bit or the shoulder, or whatever joint it happens to be, and we can break those spiderwebs and we can get some range of motion back.

Five Minute Daily Stretches

Podcast host PJ Ewing interviews PT Noah Hyman from First Health Physical Therapy in Manhattan, NYC. Noah takes us through five minute daily stretches that we can all do to help maintain our good health.

Continuous Passive Motion Machine: What Went Wrong

The Continuous Passive Motion Machine is a device designed in the early 1970’s with the idea of helping knee surgery patients regain range of motion.