It Started in Naples – Dave’s Double Knee Replacement

Dave was considering bilateral total knee replacement in January down in Naples, FL. Well at least he was exploring it. He heard about an X10 Seminar and decided to attend. Within 30 minutes he was sold on two things: 1) he could go forward with bilateral replacement with confidence because 2) the X10 was going to be the way he was going to recover from the surgery. That settled he asked Dr. Hochfelder in the Hudson Valley, NY to reach out to us to learn about the X10.

The surgeon was impressed. Dave had the surgery and by June 1 Todd Zegras, Dave’s X10 Recovery Coach, was on the case, the X10 was in Dave’s home and the recovery was on.

The X10 easily moves from left to right leg mode to help patients recovery quickly on both knees. Usually one knee presents slightly more of a problem than the other. The X10 evens out the recovery by treating each knee according to its condition at any given time. In the end both knees will gain optimal range of motion and strength with in a few weeks of the surgery.

About a Month

We like to allocate an extra week for bilateral knee patients as the recovery is slightly slower than with a single knee. We also recommend strength training before surgery as this can greatly reduce the chance of significant muscle atrophy post surgery.

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