Timed Up and Go Mobility Assessment: How does your mobility compare to the norms?

Knee Assessment Series

The Timed Up and Go Mobility Assessment is used to evaluate your mobility.

1. Timed Up and Go Mobility Assessment (“The TUG TEST”)

Timed Up and Go Mobility Assessment

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Timed Up and Go Mobility Assessment

This is a very easy to do and useful assessment of your ability to move normally. It provides a baseline for people of different ages and abilities that you can compare your result to. And best of all it takes about a minute to complete.

Equipment: Stopwatch, Standard Chair, Measured distance of 3 meters (10 feet). It is best to have someone else do the timing for you. However you can do this on your own if you like.

Once you have completed the TUG Test at home, fill out the form below.

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Interpretation – TUG Online Knee Assessment:
≤ 10 seconds = normal

≤ 20 seconds = good mobility, can go out alone, mobile without gait aid

≤ 30 seconds = problems, cannot go outside alone, requires gait aid

* A score of ≥ 14 seconds has been shown to indicate high risk of falls

Tug Test Results

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