The X10 Knee Machine

Consistent, productive, progressive therapy comes with all of our X10 Knee Machine models. The earliest X10 2.0 is just as effective today as it was when we introduced the first PMKR (Pressure Modulated Knee Recovery) knee machine in 2010. And we have made wonderful improvements and enhancements over the years with knee function and mobility in mind.

A Better Recovery Solution

Our X10 knee machine is like no other recovery tool on earth. It delivers perfect, smart range of motion to solve straightening and bending your knee quickly after surgery. The X10 helps patients prepare for knee surgery (pre-hab) and recover quickly from knee surgery with sophisticated strength modules. Each X10 machine wirelessly transmits data to a personal Knee Recovery Coach who works with you each day. Your coach sees what you see and can guide you through your recovery at home. Yes you may elect to go to a clinic after surgery for rehab, but with the X10 you do not have to. Many of our patients use only the X10 for their recovery… and they recovery faster and with significantly less pain that with traditional PT.

Photos of the X10

Some pictures of the X10 for you below. On display are models 2.0 (2010) through 4.5 (2019). Look for the new 5.0 coming in early 2020.

Applications for the X10-Knee-Machine
X10-Knee Recovery System

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