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A website is great; ours is something we’re quite proud of. But it really is just one-way communication when what so many people need is a conversation about their specific knee surgery and recovery situation. Problem…. solved!

We have a bunch of private discussion groups on Facebook for you to consider joining. Each has a specific purpose. Each has a collection of members with expertise about that topic. And each is open for you to join to learn from others, share your stories, and grow in knowledge about the knee surgery and recovery topics that are most important to you. Below is a short description of each group. We hope to have an enriching two-way conversation with you in the group(s) of your choice.

Knee Surgery Recovery and Rehab on Facebook

Knee Replacement, ACL Repair, Patellar Fracture. Lots of people, lots of different conditions, and lots of really useful thinking that will help you get well quickly after surgery.

To join the group click here.

Bilateral Knee Replacement Facebook

If you are considering “going for two” had the surgery, or have already decided to go forward with bilateral knee replacement, this is the discussion group for you.

To join the group click here.

Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia on Facebook

For some a knee surgery recovery can become a huge challenge. In those cases many resort to an MUA. Learn the how’s and why’s in this discussion group.

To join the group click here.

Knee Replacement Revision on Facebook

When the first surgery doesn’t succeed, try again. Our newest private discussion group created for those who need a second try to get a knee replacement right.

To join the group click here.

Patellar Fracture on Facebook

A patellar fracture and recovery has its own special considerations. In some cases the knee cap can fix itself. Learn from those who have gone before in this group.

To join the group click here.

Crucial Cruciate on Facebook

Cruciates and ligaments make our knees function properly. When you tear or sever a PCL, ACL, LCL, or MCL you will mostly likely need surgery and a good recovery.

To join the group click here.

We’re talking about knees on Facebook right now. But if you want to speak with a knee recovery coach one-on-one, just click on the Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation banner on this page or click here. We’re ready to help you in any way we can.

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