Stair Climbing Test: How does your Mobility Compare to the Norms?

The Stair Climbing Test is used to evaluate your functional strength, balance and agility through ascending and descending a set number of steps. It take about two (2) minutes to complete.

1. The Stair Climbing Test

Star Climbing Test 2019

X10 Knee Replacement Recovery One

The Stair Climbing Test (SCT)

Description: A measure of ability to ascend and descend a flight of stairs

Equipment: Stopwatch, flight of stairs with rail


Patient Instructions: “I am going to ask you to stand at the bottom of the stairs so that your first step is up. My commands will be ‘ready, set, go’. Then you are going to walk as QUICKLY as you feel safe and comfortable to the top of the stairs, turn around, and come back down. I will stop the clock when your second foot touches the landing. You may use the rail but I only want you to use one rail (determine which), if you can go without the rail try to do so.”

Therapist Instructions: The patient will perform one practice and two real trials. Average the trials.

Stair Climbing Test

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