It’s six days after bilateral knee surgery and it’s time to get the mail

When we heard this story for the first time we considered calling the local papers. “Man has both knees replaced and neighbors refuse to believe it!” Something like that. Mike took to his knee surgery recovery after bilateral knee surgery so well that he even returned to work early.  Watch the video below and then we can discuss.

Mike’s surgeon was equally impressed with his recovery. And the folks at the local clinic. Lisa, Mike’s coach, worked with him every few days on the phone, text messaging and in person. They teamed up to make each day productive but without pain.

The X10 program of three 30 minute sessions each day delivers about 5º of gains in range of motion during the first 5-10 days. Then things slowed down a bit as the patient approaches full extension and flexion. Mike was on the front end of this curve and was able to get to strengthening weeks before expected.

Getting it Done!

Maybe the biggest lesson here is that if you have two bad knees and want to get this knee problem “done and dusted” you can do it. A surgeon will want you to be healthy, motivated… and may ask you to prepare for bilateral knee surgery/recovery with strength work beforehand. If you are willing and able it might be that bilateral knee surgery is the right solution for you. And in that case the X10 is the right recovery program for you as well.

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