Knee Range of Motion Assessor: What is Your Range of Motion and What Does it Mean?

Knee Range of Motion Assessor 2019

Below is a Knee Range of Motion Assessor. This will help you assess your knee health and mobility. You may want to purchase a goniometer to accurately measure your knee range of motion. The instruments included here are as follows:

1. Range of Motion Assessor

2. Functional Ability Based on Results (video)

Knee Range of Motion Assessor

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Knee Range of Motion Assessor

This is a simple tool for you to use to calculate your range of motion (ROM). This is a basic assessment of your ability to straighten and bend your knee.

Your ability to bend and straighten has important implications and the activities in which you can engage. After knee surgery your ROM will be compromised by swelling, pain and the bod’s overall instinct to protect and repair.

Your pre-surgery ROM can be predictive of your post-surgery results. To learn more about ROM click here.

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Knee Range of Motion Implications

Your post-surgery range of motion determines what you can do from walking, to getting in and out of a car, doing stairs all they way to digging out a low shot on a tennis court. Watch the video hosted by PTA Yvonne LaCrosse to learn more.

To learn more schedule a call with one of our knee experts – it’s free. Just click here. There are more online knee assessment tools, beyond the Knee BMI Assessment, that we can discuss on our call with you.

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