Care Credit and X10 Therapy

Care Credit makes renting an X10 a lot easier. There are multiple payment plans available.  These plans allow patients to pay no deposit to reserve an X10. And you can pay for the cost of renting the X10 over many months with no interest charged. To apply for a Care Credit account click here or on the Care Credit button.

Care Credit and X10 Therapy

Most patients need the X10 for about 14 days to solve a tricky knee recovery. It is about the same to recover quickly right after knee surgery. It takes about 10 days to complete an active pre-hab program on the X10. This comes with the guidance of an X10 Recovery Coach. To discuss your needs click on the “Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation” button on this page. On that call you can discuss your particular situation with an expert in knee recovery on our team.

To pay X10 for care click here or on the Care Credit Patient Payment Plans button.

Pay X10 Care Credit and X10 Therapy

To learn more about X10 click here. To hear what clinicians say about X10 click here.