Ed’s Bilateral Knee Replacement

Ed was prepared for a lot of pain. His readings and even his surgeon warned him of a potentially painful and long recovery from his bilateral knee replacement. He was back to his beloved golf game in two months. Learn here about bilateral knee replacement: Back to Golf in Under 60 Days.

Ed’s Recovery Plan

Ed approached his knee replacement surgery many months in advance and with great care. We can all learn from his methodical way of dealing with such an important event in his life. He worked hard to make it a success. There are three main parts to his road to success:

Part 1) Select a Capable Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. William Ward worked with Ed for many years prior to the bilateral knee replacement. He was able to extend the usefulness of Ed’s most problematic knee for a few more years until even Ed could see on the X-rays that he need both knees replaced. Dr. Ward worked with Ed throughout his replacement and other issues with great care. See Ed’s comments about Dr. Ward in this clip.

Part 2) Pre-hab Both Knees Ed was able to find an affordable leg press on Amazon.com that he and his son assembled. Knowing that his outcome would be better if he prepared his knees with strengthening exercises, Ed worked hard at home preparing for the surgery with pretty aggressive Prehab effort.

Part 3) Hard Work in Recovery Great results don’t just happen on their own. Ed went out of his way to explore the best forms of rehab. He landed on the X10™ as the best out there after reading the article about a remarkable new recovery device in Crain’s Detroit Business. He tried it out before his surgery and was convinced it was for him.

“I’m 73 years old. I wish I had my legs in this shape when I was 53 years old.”

Bilateral Knee Replacement: Back to Golf in Under 60 Days

It takes a range of motion of 117º to pick up a golf ball after a hole-in-one… or any other shot for that matter. Even with Ed’s longer stay in the hospital than normal he was not only able to pick up the golf balls, he was able to swing the club on his new knees. This is even more remarkable when you see the average range of motion after 6 months is only a 108º.

Ed, see you on the back nine!

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