The X10 is an advanced computerized machine used in your own home. Since its introduction the X10 has enabled thousands of patients to quickly regain two of the most important functions following knee surgery… range of motion and strength, without pain.

The X10 speeds up recovery of both range of motion and strength so much that restoring the range of motion requires 3-4 weeks on the X10 vs. six (6)+ months for standard therapy.

When used for both pre-surgical and post surgical strengthening X10 can more than restore the full preoperative strength in seven weeks. With typical physical therapy there is a 50% deficit at one month and a 30% deficit for one to more than 10 years.

Kathy Reddington - Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Kathy (70) is a yoga instructor who found herself in the unenviable position of needing two knee replacements. With the consent of Dr. Brian McCardal Kathy did them both at the same time. One surgery. One recovery. It just made sense. A month later, after devoting herself to her recovery at home with The X10 Knee Recovery System™, Kathy got back to her yoga.

One Year After Total Knee Replacement

One Year After Total Knee Replacement

For me it was a game changer. I was at a point six weeks post surgery where I truly felt that at 67 years old this might be how I was going to finish my life was just sort of hobbling around, and hope I didn’t hurt the other knee by doing that, but it gave me such a new lease on life. I’m 68 years old, soon to be 69, and I can see myself working for the next 10 years as long as I continue to enjoy it as I do, and I am literally pain free.

X10 Wins Automation Alley Award

Although X10 was created in 2005, we were primarily an R&D Company until 2010 when we treated our first knee patients. Ironic, but delightful, that in 2015 we were awarded “Startup of the Year” by Automation Alley. Below is a short interview about the creation of the X10, the unique access to the technology behind the X10 in the state of Michigan, and winning the award.

X10 Start up of the Year… yeah – we’ll take it!!!