I am a mother of two, and a grandmother of five. I’m a retired Art Teacher in the State of Michigan, and a practicing artist. My undergraduate work was done at Western Michigan University and my graduate and post grad at Michigan State University. Definitely a Spartan!! I’ve been a real estate broker for 20 + years, a martial artist/school owner and teacher. I now teach yoga - and run a non profit. I was active for many years skiing, walking, hiking, teaching aerobics, wind surfing, tennis etc. My first knee injury was 12 years ago left knee scope – I was told I would need a replacement in the future. In October 2018 my right knee blew out unexpectedly and I was on crutches until my surgery January 17, 2019. I chose bilateral surgery because I knew I did not want to entertain two knee surgery’s simultaneously... Glad I made the choice for bilateral replacement and discovered the X10..

Kathy Reddington - Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Yoga and Bilateral Knee Replacement

Kathy (70) is a yoga instructor who found herself in the unenviable position of needing two knee replacements. With the consent of Dr. Brian McCardal Kathy did them both at the same time. One surgery. One recovery. It just made sense. A month later, after devoting herself to her recovery at home with The X10 Knee Recovery System™, Kathy got back to her yoga.