Dr. David Halley built a thriving orthopedic practice in Columbus, Ohio replacing over 16,000 hips and knees over the course of 35+ years. Early in his career he worked alongside the founder of modern orthopedic surgery Sir. John Charnley in Wrightington England. Late in his career Dr. Halley co-founded X10 Therapy with inventor, Paul Ewing.

The Scientific Truth Behind the CPM Machine

Since the advent of knee replacement doctors understood that the operation eliminated arthritic pain, but did not restore patient to full function. Restoring full function required therapy post surgery. We present here the truth behind the CPM with the hope that patients who are presented with the CPM as an option for post surgery recovery will be empowered to make an informed decision on whether or not to use it. – Dr. David Halley

Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement Surgery

Immediately following knee replacement, pain and swelling make regaining range of motion a challenge. The swelling inhibits movement as the knee area is bulkier, tender and just not as mobile as it would be without the swelling. And as time goes by the fluid surrounding your knee can create scar tissue, which may permanently impede flexibility if left untreated. Our immediate objective with physical therapy is to reduce swelling after knee replacement while we reconnect the brain to leg muscles, get those muscles “firing”, and get range of motion back again.