Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage of X10 is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO of Michigan for use in your home with or without home therapy.

BCBS PPO of MI also covers you for Pre-habilitation strength and range of motion work prior to surgery.

X10 is also available as a short-term rental using a credit card, check or through our partner Care Credit.

In Michigan X10 may be available in your home at no additional cost to you by one of our home care partners. Check to see if your insurance covers in-home rehabilitation. If so X10 could be part of your care for the first two (2) weeks post-surgery. This allows you to take advantage or the time when you are still home-bound.

In an outpatient setting the X10 can be included in your rehabilitation in any one of the clinics that currently have the X10.

Outside of Michigan

X10 is not covered by insurance outside of the state of Michigan, but is available as a weekly rental. We offer low monthly payments through Care Credit.

Any surgeon can recommend X10. You do not need a prescription for X10 if you pay for it privately. To see a sampling of the surgeons who have already had patients on X10 click here.

X10™ is available in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana*, West Virginia*, Illinois*, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland*. It is also available in Delaware*, Washington DC*, Connecticut, Virginia*, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine*, Vermont*, Georgia*, Alabama* and Florida. We have recently added Oklahoma and Texas. Los Angeles and the Phoenix Area are coming soon.

*higher delivery charges may apply

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