X10 and Coronavirus

A Safer Way to Recover from Knee Surgery or a Manipulation from Anesthesia

X10 Coronavirus Update: For many years the X10 Knee Recovery System™ has been the system of choice for thousands of people seeking superior results. The X10 Knee Recovery System™: an intelligent machine used in your own home under the guidance of your personal telehealth coach, now has the added benefit of protecting you from Covid-19 or other viruses.

The X10 is built around a telehealth system where therapists guide you over the phone utilizing your latest results sent to your personal telehealth therapists. Your surgeon receives a weekly report on your progress. Our average patient regains their full range of motion and all of their quadriceps strength within 30 days post-surgery.

X10 Therapy has adopted the latest protocols, as directed by the CDC for home placement of the X10 machine. Our staff has been fully trained in these rigorous protocols for the safety of our patients.

You only need one machine, the X10, to recover completely. from knee surgery.

Consider the following:

  1. The safest place to be is in your own home
  2. You receive a thoroughly disinfected machine
  3. Telehealth care eliminates the need for in-person contact
  4. More attentive care given in the safest way possible
  5. Achieve superior outcomes comfortably and safely
  6. Keep yourself and your loves ones as safe as possible
  7. The X10 automatically shares your daily personal recovery results to your surgeon and your personal X10 Therapy coach.

The X10 Knee Recovery System is used for recovery from Knee Replacement surgeries, avoiding or recovering from manipulation under anesthesia, recovering from patella fractures, arthroscopies, ACL and MCL repairs and other knee surgeries.

In-Home Recovery

Fortunately, the X10 Knee Recovery System™ was specifically designed as an in-home telehealth system which has been successfully used by over 5000 patients.

A Clean Machine

Before we bring the machine to your home it is thoroughly disinfected. Because the X10 automatically texts all your data to your personal X10 Recovery Coach this enables them to work closely with you, while making it unnecessary for them to visit you in-person. This information can also be shared with your surgeon’s office.

For more information call 855-910-5633 or schedule a call with us on this page. We are here to help you.

Applications for the X10-Knee-Machine

Patient Testimonials

These patients only used the X10 for their knee surgery recoveries. They did not use in-home or clinical therapy for their knee rehabilitation.

These patients used the X10 to solve a particularly challenging recovery (X10 Coronavirus Update).