Knee Recovery Testimonials

The engine behind the growth of X10 Therapy has always been our patient population. We celebrate success hand-in-hand and sometimes make video to commemorate a particularly interesting story of knee surgery recovery.

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MUA Manipulation Under Anesthesia
ACL Arthroscopy Patella Fracture
Knee Surgery Pre-hab

Below are examples of the effect X10 Therapy has had on patients organized by circumstance and procedure.

Only Used X10, No Outpatient Clinic

Diane- Revision, No Home Care No Outpatient PT… X10 ONLY

Gayle- No Home Care No Outpateint PT… JUST X10

Mel- No Home Care No Outpatient PT… JUST THE X10

Carol- No Home Care No Outpatient PT… JUST X10

Barb- No Home Care No Outpatient PT… JUST X10

Sheryl- No Home Care No Outpatient PT… JUST X10

Patella Fracture Recovery

How Linnea Got Her Groove Back (After a Fractured Patella)

A Difficult Patella Fracture Recovery (Dr. Jik Chin)

From Fracture to Function (Kathy’s Broken Kneecap Recovery)

Knee Replacement Pre-habilitation (Pre-hab)

Dr. Derek Farr Discusses Pre-hab

Reba’s Pre-hab and Rehab with X10
Fred’s Pre-hab and Rehab

ACL, Arthroscopy Recoveries

ACL/Microfracture Recovery on X10

ACL, Arthroscopy Recovery

Avoid Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Patient Faces MUA after Inpatient and Outpatient Failure

Jennie Avoids a Manipulation Under Anesthesia

When All Hope Was Lost… X10 Solved Recovery

After MUA Recovery

Post Second MUA Recovery, X10 Solves Highly Challenging Knee.

After Painful Manipulation Patient Needed Help

Patient Travels 2000 Miles to Use X10 for Recovery

Sports and X10 Knee Recovery

Ray Natili, NCAA Basketball Official, Does Two Knees

Former MSU Defensive Line Coach: Quick Recovery with X10

Boxer Looking to get Back into the Boxing Ring

Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery

Driving Two Weeks After Bilateral Knee Replacement
Mike Bilateral Recovery – Picking Flowers within Eight Days

Ed’s Bilateral TKA: With X10 the Unbelievable Becomes Believable.

Total Knee Replacement Recovery

Failed Recovery: Used X10 to Gain Range of Motion Year Later.

Army Ranger Combat Veteren Recovers from TKA with X10

Dancer Wants Her Life Back After Total Knee Replacement

After Infection and Possible Amputation, X10 Solves Recovery.

After Six Months Patient Was Ready to Give Up

Perfect Range of Motion Four Weeks Post Surgery.