X10 Stories of Knee Surgery Recovery

Avoid MUA/Failed Knee Recovery

There are more knee problems than you can imagine out there. 4-7% of knee replacement patients end up needing an MUA. As many as 12% of knee surgery patients end up back in the hospital for some reason within six months. Obviously you have to take your rehab very seriously to avoid landing in one of these categories. These X10 patients avoided these complications. – Read More

Jeanie Avoids MUA

After MUA/Failed Knee Recovery

Sometimes you just cannot avoid a complication after knee surgery. The MUA is the first line of defense or a surgeon. If that does not work they often try a second MUA. And if that fails an arthroscopy can be necessary to go in a clean up scar tissue. In each case the X10 is likely the way out of this land of complications and trouble… back to normal life. – Read More

Nancy After MUA

After Knee Replacement Surgery

Simple. Clean. Effective. Quick. Minimal pain. At home. Why anyone would choose traditional therapy as opposed to having the X10 in their home is a puzzle. Patient satisfaction is incredibly high. The outcomes excellent. Complications nearly non-existent. Learn from X10 patients who made their recovery from knee surgery a breeze. – Read More

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery

First let’s just say it. We at X10 Therapy love Bilateral Patients! Getting this done all at once is the right thing to do for many. Back-to-back surgeries are a close second good choice. If you need two knees fixed we have the tool to insure that both knees recover equally well, even if they present quite different behaviors after surgery. Learn from a few of our many bilateral patients here. – Read More

Pre-habilitation Before Knee Surgery

Lots of surgeons provide a pre-hab regimen. Lots of patients put in some effort on strength before surgery. But… if you really want to make pre-hab work for you, you are going to need some help. We have a unique, peer-reviewed, highly successful Pre-hab program that build strength and range of motion for two or three weeks prior to surgery. Afterwards we can get you back to pre-surgery strength quickly and then behind making this new knee the ticket to a new you. – Read More

ACL Recovery (as well as other knee surgeries)

If your surgeon is encouraging you to bend your knee and wants flexion, extension, and strength then the X10 may be the tool for your recovery. Visit our research page where you can download a few studies as well as our Clinical Brochure. – Read More