Knee Surgery Recovery and the X10 (Merlin’s Story Part V – Conclusion)

Merlin’s Story Part V: Conclusion. I named my X10 machine ‘Brunhilda’ and we quickly became fast friends. She sat among my plants and books and work files like a sentinel looking out the window to the trees outside. She was strong and relentless and kind and rewarding. I could set my target, crank up the Mozart to levels that drowned the pain, pace myself, and have small victories which I would celebrate with my recovery coaches. My knee surgery recovery and the X10 were now working in synchronization.

Managing Pain After Knee Replacement (Merlin’s Story Part IV)

In trying to analyze the whole experience, there was one very interesting factor. At the height of the pain on Marlin’s Story Part IV: Managing Pain After Knee Replacement. Saturday and Sunday, I did no exercise at all. But some kind of survival instinct must have kicked in on Monday and though the pain management regimen remained the same, and I was unable to do any meaningful work with the physiotherapist, I completed two sessions on the X10 machine once the pain meds kicked in.

Opioids and Knee Replacement (Merlin’s Story Part III)

Merlin’s Story Part III. Opioids and Knee Replacement. Effective pain management is the first layer of building that trust relationship that allows the patient to be an active partner in their own healing from the inception. Sound feedback from a coherent patient i.e. one with minimal pain, allows ease of communication for each layer in the patient care chain to meet and ultimately anticipate patient needs.

Preparing for Knee Surgery (Merlin’s Story Part II)

We need to pay attention to the culture of the practice and go with our gut. A really good surgeon is not only a skilled professional, but one who puts the patient first. This means that the people who surround him/her will operate within the general mind-set that patient-care is the sole purpose of the practice. We can expect a warm, welcoming, concerned group of people who are happy to meet our needs.