Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage in Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

If you are reaching us from a surgeon's office and are interested in Blue Cross Blue Shield Pre-hab and Rehab coverage of X10, please fill out the form below.

What the X10 Can Do For You

Pre-hab prepares your knees for surgery. You build strength to get ready for the relative inacivity you will experience after surgery. You get the best range of motion possible to get your muscles ready for the new free-moving prosthesis. Pre-surgery range of motion is predictive of your knee’s performance after surgery.

Getting great extension and flexion after surgery will allow you to shorten your overall recovery time. You can accomplish more in three weeks on the X10 than many will see in three months without it.

Regaining Your Strength will put your recovery on a path to complete success. Most TKA patients lose 50% of their strength after surgery. With the X10 you will likely be just as strong (or even stronger) than you were before surgery.

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