Avoid MUA – Failed Knee Recovery

The X10 Knee Recovery System™ has been used by thousands of patients, many of whom use it to avoid the procedure known as the Manipulation Under Anesthesia. If your physical therapist of surgeon has brought up the MUA please call us now. Time is of the essence when it comes to avoiding this procedure and the much longer recovery time that accompanies it.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) is a procedure done under anesthetic because of the tremendous pain. After you’re asleep, your doctor will bend and straighten your leg repeatedly until he or she no longer feels scar tissue ripping. This restores your range of motion, but does not guarantee that you’ll keep it. You will then need to re-start therapy.

Jeanie and Kathy avoided an MUA at five-six weeks post surgery by turning to the X10. Watch their stories below.

The Facts About Range of Motion (Flexion + Extension)

Scar tissue formation in the knee can decrease knee extension and flexion for the rest of your life leading to functional deficits in many activities of daily living. 70º of flexion is required to walk without a limp, 80-90º is required to walk up and down stairs, and 125º is required to squat and pick up an object. Loss of extension can be particularly incapacitating. A small limitation in extension increases energy consumption and places undue strain on quadriceps Walking on a 15º slope (with an extension deficit) requires 22% more muscle demand. As little as a 5º loss in extension results in limping.

Thick scar tissue formation is a predominant failure mechanism, and accounts for 28% of hospital readmissions due to surgical complications within 90 days of discharge, and 10% of all revisions within five years of the initial surgery. One quarter of patients treated [with thick scar tissue] still required multiple surgeries with only 37% reporting satisfactory results.

X10: Avoid MUA

X10 patients are more than 20 times less likely to need an MUA, and while 28% of the typical knee replacement patients need a second MUA, this is not the case with recovery on X10.

Why risk it?

To learn more about the importance of knee extension read our clinical examination of the subject here: Why Do We Care About Knee Extension?

The X10 is available through your insurance or as a short-term rental. Most patients do not need the X10 for more than 17 days. Our clinical team is ready to help you at any time with your knee surgery recovery. You can reach us with a phone call at 1-855-910-5633 or an email at info@x10therapy.com. To schedule a 15 minute call with us click on the Want to Learn More? image on this page.