Amy: Avoid an MUA with X10™

Five weeks post surgery Amy could not sit properly, walk stairs, walk the dogs…

WESTON, Connecticut — We received the first phone call when Amy was about three weeks post surgery. Her surgery actually went great. The stay at HSS was lovely; Amy even sorted out an iPhone app to order delicious food while she was there. What was troubling was her very slow recovery from knee replacement surgery. After another week Amy was still struggling; the baker’s cyst certainly did not help. The CPM machine that she used religiously for hours on end was not making a difference. After all this work, Amy’s recovery was in trouble.

We went to work to help Amy get back on track. We found an available X10™ machine and Amy decided to go for it. Five weeks post surgery there was an X10 siting in the living room, near the piano, in Amy’s lovely home in Weston, CT. Time for some real rehab!

“I discussed a manipulation with my therapist and then I started to research on the internet like crazy.”

First a Skiing Accident, Then 30 Years of Knee Issues

As you will see in the video on this page, Amy is the last person to let a knee issue get in the way of living her life. She and her husband, Joe, have created a wonderful life for themselves. Friends, sports, the arts and building successful businesses. Pain and the lack of real mobility, then, had no right to disrupt Amy’s world as they did. Finally, when all of the usual tactics used to help people regain strength and range of motion had failed she opted for a knee replacement.

“The X10 is a truly great invention.”

In advance of this big decision Amy went through all of the right steps, did extensive research, interviewed surgeons, even patients. She read a ton online, gathered advice from experts and learned from others’ experiences. In the end she carefully and with great confidence chose Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. Sabrina Strickland for her surgery.

Recover Now or Go Through a MUA

Todd, the X10 Recovery Coach in Connecticut, worked with Amy to help her make steady progress on the X10. She wrote down her extension and flexion numbers daily, and her competitive nature turned into a huge advantage as she tried to beat her prior days’s results in each session. Amy moved from 79º range of motion to 115º by the time we had to take the X10 off to a new patient. In only three weeks Amy not only got to full mobility, she avoided having to go through her rehab all over again.

When we did our interview with Amy (that you can view on this page) we were really surprised to hear that at about 9 weeks post surgery Amy was out on the tennis court with her husband, Joe. And she said she could walk (she actually said ‘skip’) 10 blocks in Manhattan with ease. Amy’s back… and better than ever.

See you at the theatre, ballet, opera… gallery… back to living your life to the fullest!

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