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The X10™ PMKR* machine is now available in Florida. X10™ (X10 = extension) rehabilitation has been in extensive trials in the midwest for more than five years. As of early 2017 we have treated 3,300+ patients. We are delighted to be able to offer a significantly better means of recovery from ACL, MCL, knee replacement and knee manipulation. X10 in Florida allows thousands of knee patients to recover more quickly and safely than ever before.

You can have X10 in your home right after your knee replacement or knee manipulation by clicking here.

How it Works

We deliver X10 to your home the day you come home from your surgery. At that time we give you a quick training session on the machine (how to manage the touch screen, make sure you are seated properly – it is very easy). You then begin work on the X10 immediately. The X10 complements home care that you may have from your insurance company, as well as outpatient sessions that you might have afterwards. Research has shown that the X10 is highly effective in helping patients get exceptional range of motion if used very soon after surgery. In fact the sooner the better. The CPM machine that you will likely use in the hospital has no effect on your range of motion per countless research studies. Your therapy will begin when you get home.

X10 in the tri state area

X10 Knee Rehabilitation

At home you will exercise your knee a minimum of three times each day on the X10. Each X10 session will last about 30 minutes. You will use an ice pack after each session (we provide the best compression ice pack available with the X10). We will assign an X10™ Recovery Coach to you who will track your progress with a regular dialogue on the phone as well as monitoring your progress through the remote wireless monitoring system built into the machine. We will provide you, your surgeon, and therapy team with graphs of your progress. We will likely pay a visit or two to your home to make sure you are getting the most out of the X10.

Program Modules

Week One First you will start with range of motion work. You will be able to make significant progress during your first week on the machine.

Our objective is 115º ROM at 2-3 weeks post surgery. Note that most people do not achieve this until six months post surgery – if ever.

Week Two By week two we will turn on the Neuromuscular Re-education Module which will help you reconnect your muscles to your brain and get your quadriceps and hamstring muscles firing. Without the X10 this would be delayed for a number of weeks, usually introduced only after you get to an outpatient clinic setting. Essentially we will introduce non-weight bearing active motion to your work on the X10 in week two in addition to the ongoing range of motion work.

Week Three, Week Four If you have X10 for a third or fourth week in your home you will continue with range of motion work, neuromuscular Re-education work and begin strength training. Our strength training on the X10 starts with a very light one lb. of pressure and goes up from there. You can add weight as your strength grows. The X10 has both isotonic (pushing weight) and eccentric (resistance) modules which can help you get your knee in shape to carry you throughout a full day.

You Choose Your Rehab

X10 Knee Rehabilitation

By this time you are ready to continue your own ongoing therapy at home, in the gym, and out in the world knowing that you will need to pay active attention to your knee for many months. The goal now is maintenance; you do not want to see backward progress after all this smart early effort. A great maintenance exercise is riding a stationary bike (requires 115º range of motion) which can gently help you sustain your new range of motion while your body continues to heal. Your body will continue to heal for 6 to 12 months after knee replacement surgery.

Saying Goodbye to X10

We will take your “new friend, the X10” away from you when you are ready to get back to your life. Many of our patients are sad do see their “little buddy” leave them. But, by now – you are on your way! You just beat fibrosis (scar tissue), and you got your range of motion back!

And you are back to your life and on your way back to full strength.

X10 in Florida

You may well have questions. Call us at 1-855-910-5633 at any time. We would love to talk about your rehabilitation plan for your knee replacement surgery with X10 in Florida.

*PMKR stands for Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation

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