X10 After MUA (Nancy)

Recovery after MUA on X10

ENGLEWOOD, Florida — Nancy spends most of her time ‘doing things’ around the house, the yard, biking, walking, hiking. When knee pain forced her to curtail her activities it was not just a small inconvenience. The lack of mobility was the cause for real concern. She was not the happy person that her friends and her sister loved. Something had to be done.

Nancy scheduled a knee replacement surgery. The surgery was fine. Dr. Vidolin’s work was just as expected. The recovery started off well, but then turned and Nancy could not get her knee to bend properly. After five weeks she had to undergo a Manipulation Under Anesthesia. That is when the X10 came into the picture.

“I was in a pretty dark place because of my knee.”

Thirteen Days

Nancy used X10 from day one after her MUA. She quickly transitioned to using both a stationary bike and the X10 and was back to normal within two weeks.

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