Why It Works

Getting Back to Life After Knee Replacement

It’s more than eliminating knee pain; it’s time to live again!

Variability of recovery and knee surgery have been companions since the first knee replacement surgeries were performed 35 years ago. Halley Orthopedics has spend the past seven years perfecting the X10 Knee Rehab Machine with one purpose in mind… take the variability out of TKA rehabilitation.

Our patients don’t just want to get rid of knee pain, they want to continue leading a productive, satisfying, enjoyable life. And they need full, normal mobility and leg strength to do that.

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Pathology of Knee Replacement

Dr Moon Photo

Pathologist Interview: Dr. Michael Moon

This is a four part series based on an in-depth interview with Pathologist, PHD, MD Michael Moon. Dr. Michael Mark Moon MD is a Pathologist with 21 years of experience and practices in Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Moon is a member of Crittenton Hospital. Dr. Moon has extensive knowledge of anatomical and clinical pathology. His knowledge of the processes inside the body when it comes to arthritis, knee fluids, recovery from surgery and the dangers of stasis will help you understand what your body is going through before and after a TKA operation.

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Therapist Interview Post Knee Replacement Recovery

Lisa Thumb

Knee Replacement: The Therapist Perspective

This is a four part series based on an in-depth interview with Lisa Alarcon, a highly respected physical therapist, who shares her extensive knowledge of best practices in post TKA knee rehabilitation. Lisa Alarcon has been working with the X10 since its introduction. Lisa has both the educational background and the field experience to put this new technology in perspective.

Included here is information that orthopedic surgeons do not generally share with their patients. Of particular value to you is the information about scar tissue found in Part Four.

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Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement Surgery

Working at the “Edge of Comfort” to Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement

Immediately following knee replacement, pain and swelling make regaining range of motion a challenge. The swelling inhibits movement as the knee area is bulkier, tender and just not as mobile as it would be without the swelling. And as time goes by the fluid surrounding your knee can create scar tissue, which may permanently impede flexibility if left untreated. Our immediate objective with physical therapy is to reduce swelling after knee replacement while we reconnect the brain to leg muscles (neuromuscular reeducation), get those muscles “firing”, and get range of motion back again.

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