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Knee Surgery Recovery Overview

This provides you with a summary of articles about knee surgery recovery and the new X10™ technology that has resulted in significantly shorter recovery times and improved patient results.

X10 and Knee Replacement FAQ: Terms you need to know, explanations of recovery options, clarifications about knee surgery… start your reading here before you have your surgery.

The Fundamental Medical Advantages of the X10 for TKA Recovery: Dr. David Halley explains how the X10 has changed the way people recover from total knee replacement and ACL repair surgery.

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Dr. Halley Explains X10

The Fundamental Medical Advantages of the X10 for TKA Recovery

Dr. David Halley worked with the founder of modern hip replacement, Sir John Charnley, early in his career. He witnessed the revolutionary nature of Dr. Charnley’s work first hand in an extended residency in London. Essentially this was the birth of modern joint replacement. Many would follow, applying the genius of Dr. Charnley to hips, shoulders, ankles and, of course knees. Working directly with Dr. Charnley created the foundation on which a young David Halley based his long and highly successful orthopedic surgery career in Columbus, Ohio.

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After Knee Replacement Surgery: Rehab and Recovery

Successful Knee Replacement Surgery

Successful knee replacement traditionally requires a considerable investment of time and energy in rehabilitation following the surgery. Since the beginning of modern knee replacement in the 1960’s there has been a constant improvement in the hardware available to replace the human knee. Post surgery rehabilitation, however, has seen very little change over the years. Rehabilitation begins in the hospital, usually the day after surgery. During this period a strict timetable of exercise, rest, and medication is of paramount importance to the success of the sur­gery.

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ACL Recovery Timeline (Accelerated Rehabilitation)

Abbreviate Your ACL Recovery Timeline

You can go home on the same day as the surgery, but recovering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery can be lengthy. From the time you first undergo surgery through full rehabilitation, the process can take up to six months or more. You need to be patient and follow a rehabilitation program to first regain range of motion and then strengthen the muscles around the knee. Traditional rehabilitation is a long and can be a painful process, particularly when it comes to building range of motion during that first 4-6 weeks after surgery.

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