What You Need to Know


Quickly and concisely – what you need to know about X10™.

  • 1) X10 is available for placement in your home, in select in-patient facilities, and in an outpatient setting in a physical therapy clinic. Click here for a list of outpatient clinics.
  • 2) The X10 is recommended by some of the best knee surgeons in the United States.
  • 3) The X10 can be a part of your home care therapy immediately after knee replacement surgery – all you have to do is request it here: Take the First Step
  • 4) Some of the most influential physical therapists recommend X10 for home and outpatient use after knee replacement surgery
  • 5) X10 dramatically limits the pain that usually accompanies knee recovery from ACL, MCL and Knee Replacement Surgeries
  • 6) X10 has an extremely sensitive pressure monitoring system to adjust to your body
  • 7) Data from X10 gives you, your therapist, and your surgeon key insights into your progress
  • 8) X10 helps you avoid the dangers of Fibrosis, scar tissue formation, and thrombosis
  • 9) The X10 is not a traditional CPM Machine. Rather it is a significant advancement in post operative care for TKA patients. X10™ is the first machine in a new class of knee rehabilitation machines called PMKR, Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation. Learn more here.
  • 10) X10 is founded on patented technology
  • 11) The X10 is registered with the FDA
  • 12) You can try out the X10 for yourself at one of our outpatient clinics. Just contact us here to set up an appointment: Contact Us
  • 13) BONUS! X10 is proven better than traditional forms of rehab for recovery from knee replacement surgery. See the proof here.

What You Need to Know

See the article published in Crain’s Detroit Business about X10.

To reach out to us click here. Feel free to call us at any time at 1-855-910-5633.

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