What is the X10 Machine

Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation

The X10 is a Pressure Modulated Knee Rehab machine (PMKR). It is the only device of it’s kind.
Early after surgery the X10 moves your leg for you, to the edge of your comfort zone. The device allows you to quickly expand your range of motion and find your limits each day. The X10 pushes your limts gently, but steadily, toward your ultimate goal. It constantly monitors your knee’s tension and tightness during exercise. It encourages you to make progress when you are ready, but does not push you when you are not. The X10 will react to your body at each and every moment, never allowing you to go too far during your therapy. With three 30 minute sessions a day, you will quickly move toward full functional range-of-motion within a few weeks.

Not Just Passive Motion

You are not going to live your life on the X10, so we will quickly get you to start moving your leg on your own. The X10 provides early “self propelled” motion work (weeks prior to what was possible) with a module that helps you transition from passive to active motion, usually late in your first week on the X10. Additionally when you are ready for real quadriceps and hamstring strength training the X10 is ready for you with a full complement of strength training modules.

Recovery in Your Own Home

The X10 lets you recover at home where you are most comfortable, giving you access to therapy 24 hours a day for the first 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. It comes with an X10™ Recovery Coach who will help you get the most out of these crucial weeks post surgery. Below you can see what our X10 looks like.

Getting Back to Your Life, Faster

You no longer need to spend 3 to 6 months in rehab after your knee replacement. Traditional physical therapy does not do what the X10 can do for your range of motion. It does not help you get your muscles firing so soon after your surgery. And traditional therapy can really hurt if you are not in the right hands. It is so hard for a therapist to know where your “ouch point” is. The X10 senses exactly where your knee starts to feel tight; it never lets you cross that point, delivering consistent and progressive therapy. And the still used CPM machine is a proven failure in study after study. It does not work and is generally being dropped by most surgeons and hospitals.

Jump Start

You don’t just accelerate your recovery with the X10, you also avoid fibrosis (the build up of scar tissue) which could quickly get in the way of your recovery. You want to avoid a manipulation six weeks later or a revision surgery six months later. X10 gives you the best opportunity to recover well after your surgery… avoiding complications and getting you back to you life.

You Can Recover with X10

You can have X10 in your home right after your knee replacement by clicking here. Please call us to learn more about the X10 at 1-855-910-5633.

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