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Posts Tagged: Yoga After Knee Surgery

The long, long road to recovery… Avoiding a Knee Manipulation

STAMFORD, Connecticut — This is not the traditional X10 recovery story of two weeks and done. Nor three or four. How about five months… nearly six.

Stephen’s story is one of survival and endurance. His surgeon, Dr. Strickland, did everything she could to delay total knee replacement on his generally bad knees until it was absolutely necessary. Finally at age 55 Stephen simply had to have them done.

His partial bilateral surgeries went well enough at HSS.

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Lots of people return to yoga after knee replacement and ACL surgery, as there are numerous medical benefits of yoga. If you are getting back from knee replacement or ACL surgery and would like to continue practicing yoga, there are many poses and position modifications that can aid the healing process.

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How Yoga After Knee Surgery Can Help
Knee replacement surgery is a complicated procedure that requires plenty of healing time. After surgery, the new knee joint may be in a delicate state. Most people have limited flexion, some challenges in extension as well as edema in the knee area.

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Getting Back to Yoga

The gentle stretching found in yoga is a great way to avoid stiffness, improve your flexibility, and boost the overall condition of your knee. It is important to pay special attention to twisting movements and it’s critical to protect your knees by keeping them aligned with the hips and ankles. Before you go back to yoga, talk with your yoga instructor so she’s aware of your limitations. This will help prevent extra strain on your knee. If you feel any knee pain, modify the exercise or consider taking a break.

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