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Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation

The X10 is a Pressure Modulated Knee Rehab machine (PMKR). It is the only device of it’s kind.
Early after surgery the X10 moves your leg for you, to the edge of your comfort zone. The device allows you to quickly expand your range of motion and find your limits each day. The X10 pushes your limts gently, but steadily, toward your ultimate goal. It constantly monitors your knee’s tension and tightness during exercise. It encourages you to make progress when you are ready, but does not push you when you are not.

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New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC: X10 in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The X10™ PMKR* machine is now available on the Eastern Seaboard. X10™ (X10 = extension) rehabilitation has been in extensive trials in the midwest for more than four years. We are delighted to be able to offer a significantly better means of recovery from ACL, MCL, knee replacement and knee manipulation. X10 in the Northeast allows thousands of knee patients can now recover more quickly and safely than ever before.

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X10 Update April 2014

X10 Research Results Published

With all the knees replaced each year you would think that everyone recovers quickly, has great mobility, and that is that. We took a deep look at a recently published review of all available studies on patient recovery from knee replacement. This is what we found:

After SIX WEEKS the average ROM (range of motion) across the country is a lowly 83º. At 83º, 84º, 85º you cannot even sit properly, much less get up from a chair, walk up (or down) stairs.

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Post Surgery with the X10

Accelerated Recovery

How could a machine make such a big difference in recovery?

Your surgery will take about 90 minutes. If you do it right, your full recovery with X10 will take less than six weeks. Post surgery with the X10… usually means three weeks with the X10 machine in your home and (if needed) three weeks of outpatient care in a physical therapy clinic that has X10 as the core part of their knee surgery rehabilitation program.

This is your critical window of opportunity. What happens in these early weeks has great implications for your future mobility.

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It’s more than eliminating knee pain; it’s time to live again!

Variability of recovery and knee surgery have been companions since the first knee replacement surgeries were performed 35 years ago. Halley Orthopedics has spend the past seven years perfecting the X10 Knee Rehab Machine with one purpose in mind… take the variability out of TKA rehabilitation.

Our patients don’t just want to get rid of knee pain, they want to continue leading a productive, satisfying, enjoyable life. And they need full, normal mobility and leg strength to do that.

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The Body’s Repair System After Knee Replacement

When the body repairs itself after a wound or deeply invasive surgery like a knee replacement it does so by creating new tissues that are very strong, but not elastic. The body cannot rebuild elastic tissue. Fibrosis is a proliferation of strong fibrous connective tissue that the body builds to replace the tissue lost in a knee replacement surgery.

During the earliest stage of repair the injured cells turn into adhesions, which are basically dead cells that need to be replaced.

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The Long Road to Recovery. Believe it or not when knee replacements started to be performed in the late 1960’s patients were put in a cast for three months while the cement that held the joints in the bones “set.” And then, once the cast was removed, patients began to build their range of motion… of course scar tissue had set in and it was too late to do anything about it. We have come a long way from those early days. Orthopedic surgeons encourage movement within hours of surgeon today.

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